UltraCore Power Frequently Asked Questions

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See the answers to the most common questions we get from our customers. If you have a question that is not included below, please contact us through our customer service hotline at 1-800-912-5055.

Is UltraCore Power Safe?

Absolutely. UltraCore Power is made from natural ingredients and is safe to take by healthy men. We developed UltraCore Power to have a safe and balanced combination of ingredients to deliver the best results. UltraCore Power utilizes ingredient synergy, to maximize the impact of every ingredient without loading the ingredients to dangerous levels. All of the three UltraCore Power Supplements – Male UltraCore, Ultra Prime, and Ultra Edge do not contain any harmful ingredient, compound, or drug that is unsafe, dangerous, or illegal. Please see the label if you have any food and drug allergies. We recommend checking with your physician first before taking UltraCore Power or any other supplement to ensure the quality of your health.

How long do I need to wait before I notice results?

Your progress and results with UltraCore Power would depend on a wide range of factors, including your current health, age, weight, lifestyle, diet – and most importantly, the supplements you are taking. UltraCore Power features three supplements, Male UltraCore, Ultra Prime, and Ultra Edge. Taking UltraCore Power supplement combinations may accelerate and intensify your results while considering all the other factors that may impact how you respond to UltraCore Power. Based on our internal survey and studies conducted on UltraCore Power ingredients, it takes roughly 30-90 days to experience significant results. Your results may develop sooner or later, depending on the factors mentioned, but one thing is for certain – UltraCore Power has been proven effective and is guaranteed to work.

How does UltraCore Power work?

UltraCore Power is a combination of the best male performance-boosting supplements that may help improve testosterone production, energy, physical performance, and overall health. These supplements are specially developed to work together to accelerate and intensify the results. UltraCore Power’s main supplement, Male UltraCore is formulated to increase testosterone and performance, while UltraCore Prime and UltraCore Edge are booster formulas to support, accelerate, and intensify the results spearheaded by Male UltraCore. For an in-depth discussion about how UltraCore Power affects your health and performance, please visit our homepage and view the respective videos on how UltraCore Power impacts your testosterone levels, energy, libido, performance, lean muscle development, and blood flow.

What makes UltraCore Power the best male performance product?

UltraCore Power is the only supplement complex available today that features three supplements that contain a massive 5500mg per serving of the best testosterone-boosting ingredients, and a combined efficiency and effectiveness of 4 proprietary technologies. No other supplement in the industry can match the dosage, efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the complete UltraCore Power complex. We challenge everyone to compare UltraCore Power with other brands in the segment to see just how advanced and superior UltraCore Power is.

What’s the best way to take UltraCore Power?

The recommended intake of UltraCore Power is one serving for each supplement daily, preferably before breakfast. UltraCore Power does not contain stomach irritants and is safe to take on an empty stomach. We highly recommend that you take UltraCore Power for at least 30-90 days to achieve its best results. UltraCore Power has a compounding effect that allows it to accelerate and intensify its impact on the body as long as you continue taking the product.

Do I have to take all three UltraCore Power supplements at the same time?

It is optional to take all three UltraCore Power supplements at the same time, but we generally recommend taking all three UltraCore Power supplements to experience the best results delivered by the formula. The UltraCore Power complex is designed to work synergistically, allowing the formula to accelerate and intensify its results when you take UltraCore Power as intended. You will still experience a significant improvement in your testosterone levels and performance should you opt to take the standard package, but for best results, we recommend that you select our best-value Ultimate package that features all three UltraCore Power supplements.

Where can I get UltraCore Power?

UltraCore Power is exclusively available online through our official distribution channels, UltraCorePower.com and our Amazon store. UltraCore Power is not available in stores to protect our product’s quality and integrity. Please buy UltraCore Power only through our official distribution channels. Doing so would help us a lot in eliminating fake/counterfeit UltraCore Power supplements on the market.

Can I take UltraCore Power while under medication/treatment?

If you are taking medicine, or under treatment for an illness, we greatly recommend that you check with your physician first before taking any kind of supplement. UltraCore Power contains ingredients that affect hormone levels and blood flow and could interfere with medication, treatment, or therapy assigned by your doctor. You may wait until you are finished with your treatment before taking UltraCore Power, but make sure you are medically fit to take supplements before doing so.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

UltraCore Power uses discreet shipping as our default method of shipping to protect your privacy. All products are sent via Standard and Expedited shipping through USPS, which has a standard shipping time of 3-7 business days (Standard) and 2-5 business days (Expedited). The Expedited shipping option is free for all Ultracore Power Ultimate customers.

Do you offer money-back guarantees?

with a limited, 90-day money-back guarantee. The 90-day timeframe gives you more than enough time to test UltraCore Power and experience what it can do for you. If UltraCore Power fails to meet your expectations, you can simply call our customer service hotline and request for a refund. No questions asked. Our above-average product guarantee demonstrates our utmost confidence in UltraCore Power. We genuinely believe that you’ll be amazed at what you can do with UltraCore Power!

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