How to Cancel Your
Male UltraCore Subscription

Before canceling your subscription to Male UltraCore, it’s extremely important to understand the benefits of continued testosterone replacement support. The ONLY way to achieve higher testosterone levels is to continue taking a powerful testosterone supplement month after month. If you stop taking it, your testosterone levels will drop again, which will leave you fatigued, with lower energy, weaker and smaller muscles, lower sex-drive, and lower performance.

By Canceling, You’re Missing Out on the BEST Results Male UltraCore has to Offer

From our research it takes roughly 30 to 90 days for most men to see results from Male UltraCore. The time-frame may vary for each individual based on overall health, genetics and lifestyle. Some men have reported noticeable and significant results within the first few weeks.

Very pleased so far
I have been taking this for a short period of time so far, can already see results with my minimal exercise routine, and am pleased with the results. Can’t wait to step up my routine and see better improvements.
February 15
A must try
Tried this for the first time and really like it. I feel like i have more energy to get through my day, and dont need all that coffee. I feel stronger as well. Helps me power through my workout.
Jeff P.
February 21
One of the best products on the market
Male ultracore is a great supplement. The recovery time and energy boost was amazing and I can’t wait to continue using this incredible supplement during my workouts...
Keith Maloney
February 16
Power, energy, confidence!
I’ve taken other male / test products in the past. I will not name names to what I’ve taken. I can tell you that Male Ultracore is awesome and I feel even more energy and strength then what I’ve taken before!!
February 16
Over 40
These supplements are very good. I’ve been taking these supplements for about a month & I feel great . Men over 40 looking for that extra edge this is the right product.
February 15

By Canceling, you Lose Access to Club UltraCore

Club UltraCore is the 100% free solution to all of your vitamin needs. As a Male UltraCore customer you get to choose a free supplement every month. Your choice of supplements from Immunity Boosters to Fat Burners, to Blood Pressure Support. As a Male UltraCore customer, this is just one of the many perks you get each and every month.

By Canceling, Your Sex-Drive, Energy, and Performance will Collapse

Male UltraCore is clinically shown to amplify your sex-drive, your energy levels, your performance inside and outside of the bedroom, and give you leaner and bigger muscles by maximizing your testosterone levels. But these benefits are only available if you continuously take Male UltraCore. If you stop taking Male UltraCore, all of the benefits you enjoyed like higher sex-drive, more energy, more performance, and harder erections will disappear.

Still thinking about cancelling, instead here is your chance for great savings.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions Customers had Before Canceling

What is Testosterone Support?

Testosterone Support is scientifically proven and designed to work best when you consistently take a superior supplement like Male UltraCore. Male UltraCore utilizes scientifically validated ingredients, proven to raise free and total testosterone levels. Male UltraCore is safe and effective to use month after month and should be taken every day, just like a multivitamin.

Can men with High Blood Pressure take Male UltraCore?

If you have any medical condition including high blood pressure, it’s best to check with our physician first before starting any new supplements. From our research, Male UltraCore consists of mostly natural herbs, botanicals and extracts. Male UltraCore is safe to use with permission from your physician. Additionally, Male UltraCore also offers a Blood Pressure Support supplement to their customers for free with their Club. A Club UltraCore membership is 100% FREE as a Male UltraCore customer.

Is Male UltraCore Really the Top Male Performance and Enhancement Supplement?

From our research, Male UltraCore combines the highest levels of standardized extracts and highest quality ingredients to increase free and total testosterone levels. We put together this simple supplement comparison chart below to compare Male UltraCore to the competition.

Why was my Male UltraCore order canceled?

Some situations that may result in your order being canceled include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is canceled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is canceled after your credit card has been charged, we will issue a credit to your credit card in the amount of the charge.

Does Male UltraCore offer Loyalty Pricing?

Yes, as a Male UltraCore customer you automatically qualify for Loyalty Pricing. You can simply register and login at to sign up and start saving. Loyalty customers receive up to 40% savings on all orders starting after the third month.

Can I cancel my Male UltraCore Subscription?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product for a full refund, less the cost of shipping. You can return a product for up to 90 days from date of purchase. Male UltraCore must receive your return within the 90 - day grace period in order to complete your return successfully. Simply contact Male UltraCore Customer Care to initiate the return process and receive a valid Return Merchandise Authorization Number. You may send the unopened or remaining product to the address Male UltraCore provides. You are only responsible for the cost of return shipping. It generally takes 2-10 business days to process your refund.

Contact Male UltraCore Below:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Male UltraCore Return Policy please contact the company using the information below. A Male UltraCore Customer Service Representative will assist you.

Contact webpage:
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Customer Care: 800-912-5055

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 7AM – 1AM and Saturday – Sunday 8AM – 9PM (EST)
Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 7AM – 1AM and Saturday – Sunday 8AM – 9PM (EST)

† Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Product results may vary from person to person.