5 Reasons Why Supplements Don’t Work on You

5 Reasons Why Supplements Don’t Work on You

Buying supplements is a form of investment for your health. Everyone who purchased supplements use supplements with the belief that taking supplements will eventually help them improve their health in the long run. Regardless of whether supplements are cheap or expensive, they still cost quite a bit of money, and it can be frustrating when they don’t work as you expected.

The average consumer spends a few minutes researching before they purchase a product, but with performance-enhancing supplements, consumers tend to spend more time researching about a product, comparing labels, and looking at reviews before they make a purchase. The performance-enhancing market isn’t exactly the most trusted segment in the supplement industry, so consumers want to make sure that they bought the right product.

Now, imagine looking for a performance enhancing supplement, and after you’ve spent hours doing your due diligence, you’ve decided to buy a product. Supplements that pass the eye test tend to be more expensive than the average product, and for you, it doesn’t matter, because you want guaranteed results. After a month of taking the supplement, the results you get aren’t what you expected.

Whether it’s a supplement or any other product, buying things that don’t work can be frustrating, but there might be a reason why you don’t get the results you expect. Here are 5 reasons why supplements don’t work on you:


  1. You’re not taking the right dosage

A supplement dosage (or serving) is the manufacturer’s recommended intake for the product to be effective. It’s always important to follow the right serving to ensure that your intake matches the intended formulation for the product. As an example, Male UltraCore’s recommended dosage is 4 capsules per day.


Taking only two capsules would only give you half of the formula, and this may slow down your progress. The average Male UltraCore dosage per capsule is about 700mg, and while many supplements only have 1400mg as their recommended serving, you need to take the full serving of 4 capsules, which gives you a total 2800mg daily serving of Male UltraCore’s formula. A part of the reason why thousands of men trust Male UltraCore is because of its impressive formulation, which is more than double than what other brands offer.


  1. You’re skipping your daily intake

Most supplements are intended to be taken daily. Supplements are not like drugs that you should only take when you experience the symptoms; supplements are intended to supply your body with the right nutrients to prevent the underlying cause of your symptoms, and taking supplements on an as-needed basis would not produce results fast enough for you to experience the benefits you expect.


As for Male UltraCore, our formula is fast enough to supply the body with nutrients that could have an immediate effect from just one serving, but the results may not be significant enough to meet your expectations. Male UltraCore is formulated to have a compounding effect, which makes each serving more effective as you continue taking the supplement every day, and this gives you better results as you go.


  1. Supplements take time to work

There’s no actual progress timeline to follow that would apply to all individuals that take supplements. Everyone has a unique diet, lifestyle, and health status, and all of these factors affect how fast you experience the results you want from your supplements. For some people, it may take a while to experience a significant improvement, but for some who are at the prime of their health, the results may develop faster than what you would normally expect.


Most dietary supplements are intended to be taken daily, and many would not be aware that the supplement is working, because the results aren’t easily noticeable. For performance-enhancing supplements, however, the results are more apparent. It’s either you experience an improvement in your performance or not.


Male UltraCore takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks for users to experience significant results. The estimated progress timeline depends on the user’s age, diet, and lifestyle. The results do not develop overnight, but rather, you experience a gradual improvement in your performance as you continue taking the supplement every day.


  1. Supplements may not be enough

Supplements aren’t miracle pills that would turn your life around just because you take them every day. In essence, taking supplements is just adding to your diet, to make sure that you get the essential nutrients and minerals that would make you healthier and perform better, but if you still have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, it may negate the progress that you’re making with your supplements.


Overeating, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, dehydration, and lack of sleep, could all affect your progress. In most cases, it’s more important to address these destructive habits first before taking supplements, to ensure that the supplement would work as intended.


  1. You stop taking supplements as soon as you experience an improvement

Many individuals stop taking supplements as soon as they experience the benefits of the supplement. We’d be the first to say that supplements are never capable of producing permanent results, unless you continue taking the product to maintain your progress and results.


As we’ve discussed previously, supplements only add to your diet, and it doesn’t alter your DNA and change your lifestyle with just the supplement alone. Removing a key part of your diet that improves your health and performance would only cause your results to eventually regress.


Some Male UltraCore customers mistakenly chose to stop taking the supplement after only one month because they already experienced some of the benefits of our formula, but in most cases, the real potential of the formula has yet to fully develop. Taking Male UltraCore for 3-6 months, or even more, could help you experience the full potential of Male UltraCore, and preserve the results.


It’s our honest opinion that the overall quality of supplement products have improved in the last 10 years, and many of the supplements in the market only need more time to work. We genuinely understand that everyone wants instantaneous results, but the general truth is, the body needs time to adapt to the nutrients in the supplements, and that takes time.

As for Male UltraCore, we developed booster supplements in Ultra Prime and Ultra Edge, to accelerate and intensify your results, so you won’t have to wait as long to experience an increase in energy, muscle growth, strength, libido, and erection quality. We combined all three supplements in our Ultimate Package to make it simpler and more affordable for you to get the best performance-enhancing stack in the market.


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