7 Reasons Why Medical Mushrooms are Good for you

7 Reasons Why Medical Mushrooms are Good for you

Mushrooms assume many peculiar forms, and like other plants, they pop out of nowhere. They don’t have roots, and they never form seeds either or flowers.

Truthfully, mushrooms are more related to humans than to plants. That may be because the components in mushrooms that enable it to fight for itself can also act as a support/defense mechanism on your body. This is why mushrooms are seen as a natural and legit means of boosting your health and overall well-being.

Modern scientists have discovered more and more mind-blowing healing properties of mushrooms, and even ancient Egyptians claimed that eating of mushrooms guaranteed longevity.

Why Are Mushrooms Powerful?

The medicinal mushrooms derived its name because of how it was used to prevent and cure diseases. All mushrooms have beta-glucans, and they are used to combat inflammation and boost the immune system.

Mushrooms are used to treat cancer because it contains a type of “lectins,” that is used to prevent cancer cells from spreading.

Types of Mushrooms and Their Benefits


It is traditionally used as a tea, and it is derived from the bark of birch trees. It is known for its anti-cancer benefits. Other benefits include;



        Mental health

        Regulates blood sugar

        Modulates the immune system


It has a long history of effectiveness in treating different health conditions. Cordyceps grows on moth larvae (host), and what they share is a symbiotic relationship. It is used in treating cancer and diabetes. Other benefits include:

        Breaks down phlegm


        Heart and sexual tonic

        Kidney function improvement


Here are five major health benefits of medicinal mushrooms

Boosting The Immune System

Your immune system is always working overtime to clear away debris and toxins and aid your body in functioning properly and healthily. The immune system is an extraordinary multifaceted system, and as you age, it can sometimes begin to reduce functionality.

Taking mushrooms can help you boost your immune system as well as the vital components needed to keep you healthy. It would also help your immune system to stay more protected against future infections and diseases.

Reishi is another medicinal mushroom that is used to boost the production of different components of your body’s immune system, including the natural killer cells that can detect cancer cells and destroy it.

Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Mushrooms can be used in balancing the blood sugar levels in your body, due to the compounds it contains from the parasitic fungus Cordyceps.

Research has shown that Cordyceps sourced polysaccharide can help reduce cholesterol levels.

One very devastating complication common in diabetes patient is diabetic nephropathy. And with time, this condition can cause kidney malfunctioning and eventually lead to kidney failure.

A certain study showed that Cordyceps can significantly lower the markers of kidney breakdown and lower blood glucose levels.

Increases Antioxidant Activity

At high levels, free radicals can cause a lot of damage to your body cells. This cellular damage can increase your risk of having severe health problems, including age-related health conditions. For this reason, it is important to lower the number of free radicals in your body to improve your overall health.

Dietary antioxidants can help counteract the effects of these free radicals, and mushrooms also contain potent ingredients.

Extracts from Reishi have been proven to contain compounds that can lower free radical activity, plus it can also help relax the mind and body.

There is the “Chaga” another medicinal mushroom, which is popular for its antioxidant properties, and it helps in scavenging free radicals.

Improves Exercise Performance

Mushrooms don’t just guarantee you a longer life span, but it helps you live healthier and better.

Cordyceps extracts dilate the main artery in your body that is responsible for transporting oxygenated blood throughout your circulatory system by up to 40%. Cordyceps can also trigger the production of ATP, which is one of the major sources of your body cell’s energy. Because of this, it is considered useful in improving one’s stamina. That’s why athletes make use of it to improve their exercise performance and overall health.

Supporting Brain Health

Another medicinal mushroom “Lion’s mane” is known was used in ancient Chinese medicine, because of its medicinal properties.

The potent compounds found in Lion’s mane helps to activate “peptide,” which is a nerve growth factor necessary for the survival and growth of the brain’s neurons.

The compounds in Lion’s mane help to trigger neurons’ growth, which would make it healthy and ensure that the brain can handle electrical signals perfectly.

Eating Lion’s mane can help people who have mild cognitive impairment and can even stop you from developing cognitive dysfunction.