Best Back Workouts

Best Back Workouts

It’s okay to work out for the sake of feeling sexy and looking good, (what guy wouldn’t?), so you are definitely aiming to get the signature “V taper”

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It’s okay to work out for the sake of feeling sexy and looking good, (what guy wouldn’t?), so you are definitely aiming to get the signature “V taper” look.

To achieve this, you would need to focus more on your back, which most men often neglect. It’s more common for you to engage in exercises that build your chest and arms, while your back is not receiving that same treatment. You would, however, not be able to achieve that “V-shaped” torso you are yearning for if you aren’t honing your back too.

We understand that it’s harder to see a change when training your back, compared to the popping muscles and pumped up arms, but note that there are tons of benefits as to why you should focus on your back as well. Because, the truth is that, you should put in the same energy into exercising your back as you do your front.

Your back plays an important role in enhancing your strength for other workouts like the bench press, so on how you exercise your back; you tend to get more stability. The stronger your shoulders are the heavier weights you can lift in upper-body workouts. So, you can see that, in a way, back workouts are even more important.

Having a strong and big back frame doesn’t just help you look sexy, it adds an aura of dominance to your look, but this doesn’t just happen in one day. It takes time, concentration, and consistency to hone your physique. To build your back frame, you need to focus on the key muscles, which are:

• Lats
• Obliques
• Deltoids

And these muscles don’t just help you look more masculine; persistent training would bring about a myriad of benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits of back workouts, before diving into the juicy part you are looking forward to.

Benefits of Back Workouts

There are so many reasons as to why you should train your lats, traps, and beyond, let’s look at a few.

Boost Your Bigger Lifts
Back workouts would give the additional strength your muscles need to grow, and even help you enhance your power for other lifts you don’t also take note of. For instance, you should be able to do a stronger bench press, because your shoulder joints would be considerably stronger and more stable. You should know that your back muscles and spine provide the support your whole body needs to stay strong, and without them, it would be too fragile. Having a strong back would help you function better, and aid in body support, so that’s a two-win for us.

Helps Reduce Lower Back Pain
Back workouts help to strengthen your shoulder and spine, and would inevitably build up your rear and eliminate the strains of lower-back pain that affects more than half the population of men in the world. Back workouts, coupled with effective stretching routines and energetic movements, would make “lower-back pain” history.

Helps Develop The V-shape Physique
The need for a V-shaped physique alongside a pronounced chest and big arms is one of the most normal desires of many men. Do you know that spending more time doing back workouts would help you achieve that v-shaped upper body quickly? Well, now, you know. Having a balanced and well-rounded physique is our utmost desire, and exercising your back regularly would make it a reality.

Now, that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s look out the best back workouts that would give you the look you desire.

1. Barbell Deadlift
Why you should do it: The barbell deadlift requires you to move your entire body, so it’s no surprise why it should have a special place in your back workouts. This workout is referred to as the ruler of compound movements as it entails, building stronger back, shoulders, arms, and legs. When you work through the full range of movement, your upper body muscles are working tirelessly to help your torso remain straight, at the same time, stopping your back from rounding up, which can lead to an injury.

How: Grasp a barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart from each other while squatting. Remember to always squat, as it helps train your leg muscles as well. Place your chest upwards, pull your shoulders back, and face straight when lifting the bar. Try as much as you can to take the weight back onto your wheels, while still placing the bar very close to your body always. Raise it to your thigh level, halt, and then return to control and start the position again. It may be difficult at first to pull off this move, but with constant practice, you should be a pro in no time.

2. Barbell Bent Over Row
Why you should do it: When working with a barbell, it’s easier to lift heavier weights in the barbell bent-over row. This would help you gain more muscles and further improve muscle growth. With this workout, you are training your middle and lower traps, rhomboid minor and major, rotator cuff muscles, upper traps, and your rear deltoids. Place your shoulder blades back to prevent you from slouching, which can cause unnecessary stress to your lower back, resulting in lower back pain.

How: This time, place your hands a bit more than shoulder-width apart, and take your barbell and overhand grip. Squat a bit, not too low, and keep your back entirely straight and curve your upper back onward until it is approximately vertical to the floor. Now, you row the weight upwards to the lower part of your chest and halt. Return to control and start the position again.

3. Pull-Ups
Why you should do it: Obviously, you want a V-shaped physique, then let’s not beat around the truth, incorporating this particular workout is a must. There are no avoiding pull-ups as it aims precisely at your lats. With pull-ups, you would achieve a larger frame, and also look slimmer at the same time. Also, you can bet you would be getting a lot of thumbs-up at the gym once you get to the point where your chin goes above the bar.

How: Grip the handles of the pull-up station firmly. Make sure your palms are facing away from you, and it’s fully extended, and your hands should be at least shoulder-width apart. Compress your shoulder blades together and drive your elbows to your hips and push yourself upwards so your chin can be above the bar. Lower yourself back to control and start the position again.

4. Band-Bent Over Row
Why you should do it: This band would help you master different ranges of motion without you breaking out the weights, and at the same time, it dares you with a bit of resistance. When working on your back, you would in no time get used to its many forms, so its best you start with a light resistance version. Beginning with a light version would act as a warm-up, or it can also play a significant part in your back workout routine.

How: Get a low resistance band and set it on the ground, (if you find this too easy, then you should try a high-resistance band). Place yourself in the middle of the band, and take hold of the two ends in each hand with an overhand grip. Centering at the hips, bend your knees a little in an athletic posture, making sure your back is straight and not rounded. Return to control and start the position again.

5. Renegade Rowrenegade row
Why you should do it: The renegade bow specializes in helping you make the most out of the benefit of a position to the highest level. Just like the plank and pushups, you would need to take two high bang- for- your-buck moves, and you can spice it up more by adding extra elements so you can exercise other muscle groups. You should work with light dumbbells and be sure to maintain the correct spinal position when rowing the weight, so you can get the desired results you want faster.

How: Get a dumbbell and the required space you need for a pushup. Get into a plank position, and place your feet widely apart, take hold of the dumbbell while your palms are parallel to each other. Constrict your core and glutes to sustain a strong spinal position, while looking at the floor in front of you.

6. Chest Supported Dumbbell Row
Why you should do it: If you always find it challenging to keep your spine straight and your chest strong when you try out bent-over workouts, then you would appreciate this move in particular. This workout allows the bench to do all the work while it isolates your back so you can focus on moving the weight better.

How: take a seat on an inclined bench and place your chest forward, while resting on the support. In a relaxed motion, grab the dumbbell, allow your arms to hang but keep your chest strong. Compress your back so you can haul the weights to your hips, with your elbows curved at a 90° angle. Again, squeeze your shoulder blades for two or three seconds and still maintain your position, then revert to the starting position and begin again.