Does Ejaculation Lower Testosterone Levels?

Does Ejaculation Lower Testosterone Levels?

Many rumors are circulating over the internet about ejaculation, whether it be through sex or masturbation. Although ejaculation is a natural process and response to specific situations, you may have heard of ejaculation affecting your testosterone levels. Specifically, that ejaculating lowers your T levels.

That begs the question; does ejaculation lower your testosterone levels? But before we can get to answering this question, let us look at how testosterone in your body reacts when you are about to ejaculate.

Functions of Testosterone During Sex or Masturbation

T levels affect sex drive in both males and females, but it plays a more active role in a male’s sex drive. During sex or masturbation, as you are about to reach an orgasm, your T levels will significantly rise.

Your testosterone reaches its peak when you are about to orgasm, and stays at that peak for a few minutes. Experts say that this peaked state of testosterone is to prohibit further arousal or sexual activity.

Testosterone does play a very prominent role in an individual’s sex drive and increases when they are experiencing sexual pleasure. T levels will stay at their peak state for a few minutes, followed by a sense of euphoria and calmness.

Can Ejaculation Lower Testosterone?

Ejaculation, in general, has been subject to various rumors. The most popular one is that ejaculation can reduce your testosterone. However, in reality, the truth is quite different. To answer your question: no, ejaculation does not lower testosterone levels.

Although testosterone levels drop after you orgasm, the level would is too minuscule to make you worry. Moreover, another reason why T levels reduce after your orgasm is that they peak to an incredible level just as you are about to ejaculate. Therefore, after a few minutes, your T levels return to normal.

Despite various studies, none show that ejaculation lowers testosterone. Of course, there is the question if refraining from ejaculating can improve T levels.

And evidence can be a little conflicting, as studies offer varying results of how much T levels increase. Regardless, all evidence points to the fact that abstinence from ejaculation does increase overall T levels, even if just for a short period.

Does the Method of Ejaculation Make a Difference?

looking down thereWhile not many people have a problem with sex, some do believe that masturbation can be very dangerous for an individual, especially men. Other than it reducing testosterone, some even believe that it can weaken their bones.

However, all of these claims are false, and the method of ejaculation does not change the outcome.

Whether you engage in intercourse or masturbate, T levels will rise the same, and the entire process will repeat itself. Therefore, whether you have sex or masturbate, it will not reduce testosterone levels in your body.

Does It Affect Muscle Building?

Other than helping improve an individual’s sex drive, testosterone is also vital for building muscle as well as stamina. Without sufficient T levels, you will not be able to build your muscles effectively.

Therefore, the rumor about ejaculating reducing testosterone levels is especially common among athletes and people looking to build more muscle.

In fact, a massive online movement called NoFap is dedicated to encouraging men to abstain from masturbating. With a large subreddit and various online groups, they are quite a massive movement.

Of course, you do not have to worry about ejaculation affecting your muscle building, as it does not affect your testosterone levels. In fact, as long as you are following a proper regimen, you can easily continue to build muscle.

Some research shows that abstaining from sex or masturbation can cause a spike in your testosterone levels. This increased burst of testosterone improves your muscle-building capabilities, but there is not enough research to support this claim. This is one claim that the NoFap movement holds very dearly.

Side Effects of Ejaculating?

People have many misconceptions about ejaculating, which leads to extreme measures to avoid masturbating, sex, or both. Despite the misconceptions, there are serious concerns that people have about the side effects of ejaculating. But rest assured that there are no real side effects to controlled ejaculation.

However, excessive ejaculation can lead to many possible issues. Here are a few of the issues that excessive ejaculating can cause.

Decreased Sexual Sensitivity

One well-documented side effect of excessive masturbation is decreased sexual sensitivity, and it mainly comes down to the technique that men use.

Many people have come forward about how having a tight grip when masturbating can decrease overall sexual sensitivity. This reduced sensation can also affect sexual performance and satisfaction.

Luckily, you can fix this issue quite easily, as all you will have to do is change your technique. By enhancing stimulation, without necessarily increasing the pressure on the penis, you can relieve yourself of this issue.

Porn or Sex Addiction

Possibly the worst side effect of excessive ejaculation (through masturbation or sex) is that a person may develop an addiction to pornography or sex. Sex addiction is a severe issue that affects various things rather than just your sex drive.

Porn or sex addiction can lead to a slew of very serious mental health issues such as depression, guilt, and regret. These are especially prominent if masturbating or indulging in sex is taboo in their culture or religion.

Moreover, these addictions can also significantly affect a man’s sexual experience as well as their expectations of sex.

They can find it hard to get or maintain an erection due to their specific sexual standards not being realistic. They can also struggle to hold committed relationships as well as maintain a specific routine, due to their need to masturbate or engage in sex trumping other obligations.

Excessive ejaculation can also lead to an addiction to prostitution, sadistic behavior, and other excessive sexual pursuits.

Common Myths About Ejaculation

Despite being very natural, ejaculation carries many rumors and myths that discourage people. Let us look at some of these myths, as some can be dangerous and others misleading.

Masturbation Damages the Genitals

masturbating to online pornA common myth about masturbation is that people can damage their genitals by masturbating. Now there is some merit to this myth, as we discussed earlier that masturbating a certain way can reduce sexual sensitivity. However, this myth is still baseless.

Since reproducing is a primary human function, masturbation is essentially them simulating the same sensation.

The most that you can experience is a little chafing on your genitals due to extended sessions, which you can stop with the help of a lubricant. Lubricants also improve the overall experience of masturbation.

Masturbation Can Make You Feel Sexually Fatigued

This is also a prevalent myth that you may have heard, which is also baseless. Luckily, humans are not born with a set number of orgasms that they can experience throughout their lifetime, which they might burn through by masturbating. There is no limit to the orgasms you can experience throughout your lifetime.

Of course, there is a limit to the orgasms you can comfortably experience in a day. Other than that, you have no reason to worry.

It is Wrong to Masturbate in Committed Relationships

This is a belief that most people hold and is more subjective to couples than a general theme. Some people believe that masturbating, while someone is in a committed relationship, is akin to being unfaithful.

Often, people’s earliest sexual experiences include masturbation. Therefore, suddenly asking them not to indulge in one of their most comfortable sexual experiences can be a little demanding.

Furthermore, people might want to masturbate despite being in an amazing relationship, as the experience is so personal. Nevertheless, this does come down to personal preference, as couples often come to an agreement that they will not masturbate unless they are with their respective partners.

Masturbation Causes Mental Health Problems

People have blamed masturbation for various things, including joint problems and even erectile dysfunction. Apart from the aforementioned myths, the one particular that people blame on masturbation is mental health problems.

This myth does have some ground to it, as we discussed earlier how people could develop sex or porn addictions by masturbating. Another possible mental health issue that masturbation can cause is depression.

However, in the case of depression, masturbating does not cause depression, as much as it does amplify an existing issue.

Furthermore, masturbation is only responsible for one specific mental health issue, and that is guilt. People will often feel very guilty after masturbating, especially if it goes against their religion or societal norms.

That is the only mental health problem that masturbating can cause, which means people who do not follow any specific religion or cultural norms will not care much for this.


Ejaculating is a very natural process within your body, and is one that has faced its fair share of myths and misconceptions. Among the many myths that people have heard, ejaculation can lower your testosterone levels is possibly the most popular.

Therefore, to recap, ejaculation does not lower testosterone. So you can engage in sex or masturbation without having to worry about your potential muscle building or other activities.