Erogenous Zones in Men & How to Touch Them

Erogenous Zones in Men & How to Touch Them

You might be surprised to know that the male body has some specific pleasure or trigger spots, that when stimulated, makes his orgasm more powerful.

Sex is fun, but have you ever run your hands around someone’s scalp and see them roll their eyes in pleasure.

Everyone is different, so you really shouldn’t expect to feel the same tingly goodness in the same spot as someone else. And if you want it to, sex can involve much more than the penis.

Erogenous spots are the sensitive areas that generate sexual responses that can be likened to the feeling of having sex, and that’s thanks to the release of the same feel-good chemicals that are activated during sex by the brain.

What Goes On During Orgasm?

Semen is made up of fluid from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, together with sperm produced in the testicles.

When orgasm occurs, it semen is then squirted out of the penis, a process called “ejaculation.” An orgasm lasts between the time when the first semen spurts out, until when the last drop comes out.

There are a couple of erogenous spots for men, and you are likely to have more than one of these spots.

Trigger Spots You Never Considered

The Ears

getting intimateThe ears make it to the top erogenous zones for so many men, that’s because it has very sensitive skin with hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside.

For some aural pleasure, light kissing and nibbling of the earlobes would be sure to please. You can take advantage of the sensory receptors by whispering or light blowing into your partner’s ears.

The Scalp

Your scalp has multiple nerve endings, and a slight massage or even brush of hair can transmit tingling feelings all over your whole body. To increase the pleasure, lightly thread your nails over the scalp, but don’t neglect the spot at the back of the ears.

Don’t ignore the hairs too; gentle tugging can cause intense pleasure throughout the body.

The Sacrum

The sacrum is a triangular bone located at the base of the lumbar vertebrae and is nestled between the hip bones of the pelvis.

It is one of the erogenous spots, mostly because the nerves in this section of the spine are linked to the pelvic. For some, a touch at the back can be sensitive, so a slight touch to this area can spring up waves of pleasure.

If you want to be adventurous, you can try using a vibrator for some sensory play, or try out an ice cube.

The Inner Wrist

Although it is the home of pulse points, the inner wrist is usually ignored, but it is very perceptive to touch. Gently caress your partner’s skin with your fingertips while staring suggestively when getting in the mood.

Intertwine your fingers while brushing the skin on their wrist while already in the throes of passion, would accelerate the sexual tension in the air.

Behind the Knee

This area is another frequently neglected spot, and it is very sensitive to touch, and in some persons, it may even be ticklish.

Why not try giving this area extra love during sex, you can make use of your tongue and watch the sparks fly.

The Feet

Foot fetish aside, the feet are sensitive so, it can be extremely erotic.  Being that you are on your feet all day, you would probably feel an ache, and a massage would be much appreciated.

If you are good with foot rubs, then you might hit on one of the numerous pressures that are directly related to the genitals. You can top it all with a little toe-licking for good measure.

Other Areas You Might Have Suspected

Mouth and Lips

You should use every bit of your lips and mouth as your tool for pleasure.  You can trace their lips before moving in for a wet kiss and occasionally nibble at the bottom lip.

The Neck

With the neck, any slight touch can result in tingles all over your body. You can gently scrape your fingernails through the back of the neck and slowly move to the spot at the back of the ears before moving to the front.

The Penile regions

The glans penis is commonly known as the head of the penis, and it is the most sensitive part, because it consists of about 4,000 nerve endings.

You can caress it by rubbing your lips over the head before using the tip of your tongue to tease. A well-lubricated hand would work magic too.

The frenulum is the plastic skin on the under the glands of the penis, the point where the foreskin meets the head.  It is the main stimulant of orgasm because it is very sensitive. Whether you use your hands or mouth, you are set.

To explore and get the most reaction, glide your lubricated hand in an up and down movement on the shaft, and let your thumb brush the F-spot. When giving a blow job, be sure to use your tongue to caress this spot.

The P spot, also called the prostate gland, is found about three-quarters of a finger length inside the anus. It feels like a small egg towards the tip of the penis, and this is the center of nerve endings.

The P spot is very alike to the female’s G spot, and caressing this area lightly would lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.

You can insert a vibrator couple inches into the rectum, and apply pleasure to the pleasure wall. When you find the right hot spot, don’t stop while sucking the penis to get the sparks flying.

However, it’s very possible not to experience orgasm after trying out all of these spots.

What Can Prevent Orgasms In Men?

Problems that affect orgasms are most times related to ejaculation, but several things can contribute to this as well. They include:

  • Ejaculating too quickly or slowly
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Orgasm without ejaculation
  • Producing little or no semen

How to Increase Semen Production

If there isn’t any diagnosed cause for a decrease in semen production, then you can increase it by:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Delaying ejaculation while having sex
  • Avoiding frequent sex or masturbation

Orgasmic Dysfunction

Orgasmic dysfunction also called “Male Anorgasmia,” occurs when you are unable or have difficulties reaching orgasm. This difficulty arises even when you are aroused, and there is enough sexual stimulation, but it is a rare occurrence in men.

This condition should not be confused with erectile dysfunction, although these conditions often co-relate, they are different.

What Causes Orgasmic Dysfunction?

It can be tricky to figure out the exact cause of orgasmic dysfunction. Contributing factors include:

  • Diabetes or other medical conditions
  • Low testosterone levels (Hypogonadism)
  • Complications from prostate surgery
  • stressed manOld age
  • Mental health conditions
  • Stress
  • Religious beliefs
  • Low self-esteem
  • Substance abuse

The combination of some of these factors can sometimes make reaching orgasm difficult. Not reaching orgasm can lead to distress and maybe depression and this would make it even harder to reach orgasm.

Generally, sexual performance is cited as the most psychological cause of orgasmic dysfunction. Although it can affect both young and older men, it can be exacerbated by erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of Orgasmic Dysfunction

The main symptom of orgasmic dysfunction is the inability to reach orgasm. Other symptoms include:

  • Taking a long time to reach orgasm
  • Having unsatisfying orgasm

Types of Orgasmic Dysfunction

  • Primary Anorgasmia: This is a condition where you have never had an orgasm at all in your entire life.
  • Secondary Anorgasmia: This is a condition where you have difficulty getting an orgasm, even though you have experienced one before.
  • Situational Anorgasmia: This type of orgasmic dysfunction is the most common one, and it occurs when you reach orgasm only during specific situations like masturbation.
  • General Anorgasmia: this is the inability to reach orgasm regardless of the situation. Even when you are fully aroused and erect, it isn’t enough to achieve orgasm.

Treatment of Orgasmic Dysfunction

You need first to see a doctor and know the underlying cause; you may, however, need to treat the conditions. However, your doctor might suggest adjusting medications that may interfere with your sexual health, like antidepressant medications.

Engaging in sex therapy can offer psychotherapy sessions that focus on issues related to sexual feelings and functions. Couple counseling focuses on relationship issues that may affect their sexual performance and ability to reach orgasm.

In some cases, your doctor may suggest trying other forms of sexual stimulation to reach orgasm.

In the case of hormonal issues, supplements that can boost can boost your testosterone levels are recommended. These supplements can help you restore your ability to reach orgasm.

Depression and any other mood disorders that contribute to Anorgasmia can be treated with therapy or even medications. But you should be sure that the medicines do not exacerbate sexual dysfunction.

Digital prostate massage can help to achieve orgasm. It is a technique that involves the inserting of a finger into the rectum during sex to stimulate the prostate gland – male G-spot manually.