Foods That Can Improve Your Penis Blood Flow, Testosterone Levels, and Sperm Count

Foods That Can Improve Your Penis Blood Flow, Testosterone Levels, and Sperm Count

It is a well-known fact that when eating, people only take into consideration their stomachs and heart, but have you ever considered how the food you

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It is a well-known fact that when eating, people only take into consideration their stomachs and heart, but have you ever considered how the food you eat affect some other parts of your body.

The first thing to note is that no matter the food you eat, they have holistic benefits as they go to the part of the body where they are needed.

However, knowing that carrots and apples are beneficial to your penis and prostate health would make you more inclined to consume them more frequently.

Rather than eating as if you need to follow a special diet plan for your penis health, you should incorporate a diet plan that optimizes all parts of your body. This will help your blood supply the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are needed by your penis to function properly.

Cases of erectile dysfunction are on the rise in younger men, and research has shown that about one in every nine men is likely to have prostate cancer.

Fortunately, improving your diet would also help to tackle or prevent other problems like fat burn, hormonal imbalance, heart disease, and many more.

The list below is aimed at showing you the right foods to eat to ensure that you have optimal penile health. Concerns ranging from low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, infertility, or prostate cancers, the following foods are essential in resolving these issues.

Spinach for testosterone levels

Spinach is rich in folate, which is referred to as a blood flow enhancer. Folic acid is crucial when it comes to the male sexual function, and men who do not have enough levels of folic acid are more susceptible to suffering from erectile dysfunction.

You can get up to 66% of the daily recommended intake of folic acid by taking one cup of cooked spinach; this is why it is often referred to as part of most folate-rich foods.

In addition to that, spinach has a substantial quantity of magnesium, which is also essential for stimulating and enhancing blood flow and boosting testosterone levels.

A cup of coffee per day for better sex

morning coffeeAn early morning cup of coffee surely has its benefits. Studies have shown that men who drink about two to three cups of coffee daily are less likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Coffee provides this benefit because of its key ingredient, which is caffeine. Caffeine can help to relax the penile muscles and arteries, which would improve blood flow and, at the same time, result in stronger erections.

Apple peels for prostate cancer prevention

It is without a doubt that apples provide you with many health benefits, although they provide men with an advantage that is not known to many, and it is linked with penile health. Cell studies taken were found to discover a compound in apple peels, and it is known as ursolic acid.

This active compound helps to prevent the development of prostate cancer by starving the cells. However, if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should follow the treatment plan of a healthcare professional.

Avocados for your sex drive

The avocado tree is also called the testicle tree by the Aztecs, and they were on to something when they gave it that name. Avocados have proven to be a great source of potassium, vitamins, and healthy fats, and they are efficient when it comes to getting you in the mood for sex.

Avocados have also been found to be rich in zinc and vitamin E, which are two supplements that are extremely beneficial to the male sex drive and fertility.

Research has shown that zinc is effective when it comes to increasing the levels of free testosterone in your body. Also, vitamin E has been shown to boost sperm quality.

Chili peppers to boost testosterone levels

If you can handle the heat, the benefits are surely worth it. Research has shown that men who eat spicy foods regularly have increased levels of testosterone, levels that are higher than average.

This is not a certain fact that spicy foods provide you with testosterone, although capsaicin has been found to give advantages in the bedroom.

Capsaicin can be gotten from chili peppers and hot sauce, and it is known to trigger the release of endorphins, which is known as the hormone that makes you feel good. It has also been found to boost libido.

Carrots for sperm health

If you feel like you have low sperm count and you are looking for ways to improve it, you should follow scientists’ recommendations and eat more carrots. Carrots are known to be fertility superfoods and can boost sperm count and motility.

Sperm motility is known as the swimming and movement of sperm. A lot of research has suggested that why carrots are essential for sperm health is because of the chemical carotenoids that are found in them.

These chemicals are also the ones responsible for the orange color that carrots possess.

Oats for a bigger orgasm

Certainly, you would never think of oatmeal when asked to name some of the world’s most sexy foods, but in reality, you should. Oats have been found to help in getting a better orgasm, and wild oats are also referred to as an aphrodisiac.

Oats are also rich in an amino acid known as L-arginine, which has been proven to be effective when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.

L-arginine works in a similar way as Viagra as it helps to relax the penile blood vessels, which is vital to keeping an erection and achieving orgasm.

Tomatoes for penile health

If you want to get all the benefits in one go, then you should consider starting with tomatoes. Tomatoes provide you with quite a significant number of the benefits that the other foods give; what’s more, is that it can be eaten in several ways.

Tomatoes are one of the most lycopene-rich foods, and research has shown that they are effective when it comes to preventing prostate cancer.

Tomatoes also provide other benefits like boosting male fertility and sperm quality. This is because they have been found to boost sperm motility, morphology, and concentration significantly.

Causes of decreased penis blood flow and low sperm count

Decreased blood flow

For you to get an erection, there is a chain of events that first take place, and blood flowing to the penis is one of the most important. When there is a noticeable decline in the quantity of blood that flows to the penis, the quality of erections will be affected.

You will begin to notice that erections don’t last as long as they used to, and they will also not be as strong as usual. This decrease in blood flow can be caused by high blood pressure, trauma, or arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries).

Research has shown that men who have clogged arteries in their hearts also face the same issue with the arteries that carry blood to the penis.

Low sperm count

Low sperm count most often leads to infertility in men. The average sperm count is about 75 million sperm per mL, and a man is considered to have low sperm count if it drops below 15 million sperm per mL. The causes of low sperm count are grouped into three categories;


consulting his doctorIf you are someone who has a history of testicular surgeries, injury, or symptoms, along with genetic conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome, you might be more susceptible to having low sperm count.

Hormone and sperm production may also be impacted by cancer treatments such as radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy. The cells responsible for the production of sperm can be damaged directly by radiation of the testicles.

Also, surgery or radiation of the brain can lead to low sperm count because the hormones in the brain also play a vital role in the production of sperm.


It is a well-known fact that not paying attention to the way you live your life can be detrimental. Engaging in activities like heavy alcohol and drug use, along with vaping or the use of tobacco, could lower your sperm count.

If you are on anabolic steroids as a way to increase your muscle mass, you should stop as this has been found to shrink the testicles and impact the production rate of sperm. Intake of opioids and marijuana has also been found to lower sperm count.


A surprising fact is that the perfect sperm conditions are a little lower than body temperature, which is the reason for the placement of the testicles outside the abdominal cavity. Exposing the testicles to excess heat can also reduce sperm production.

What this means is that taking frequent dips in the hot tub or always putting your PC on your lap could lead to lower sperm counts.

The other environmental causes of low sperm count include being exposed to pesticides, solvents, herbicides, and other heavy metals or industrial chemicals. Also, sperm production may be impacted by exposure to X-rays or other sources.