Gym equipment needed at home

Gym equipment needed at home

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Now that you are decided on exercising from home – which is quite commendable, you might be curious about what and what equipment you need to make your home work out sessions a thrilling experience.

This of course is the next line of action and that’s why this article has been written. It contains all you need to know about the equipment you need in your home gym. They are all low budget equipment that you can easily get to spice up your work out sessions.

Here’s some of the equipment you need for your home gym:

A mat

back exercise using a foam roller
This is like one of the most important must-haves. You’d be doing a lot of stretches, push-ups, yoga, and all. Having an exercise mat (not just any mat) then adds to the fun. There are different kinds of mats you can lay your hands upon. There’s the yoga mat which is more specifically designed for yoga exercises and meditations and the other plyometric ones which are suitable for more intense workouts.

Mats can fit in anywhere you desire to have your workouts. From your bedroom to your garden, you can place them on any suitable floor. They also are not difficult to maintain or hide from the destruction of your kids. They are foldable and can fit into any smaller space for safekeeping.

Resistance bands

These pieces of equipment are small and handy. They could go easily unnoticeable because of how they are designed. Basically, they are used for stretch exercise, strength building, and endurance training. They come in different sizes and shapes. They can also be used to augment other exercises such as pushups and pull-ups. You can also perform weightlifting exercises with these resistance bands. They’d pretty do the magic. they are a must-have if you are intending to experience the best workout sessions at the comfort of your home.

Jump ropes

This is another small foldable equipment that is very effective for cardio. One of the fundamental benefits of jump rope exercises is their ability to directly work on the heart thus improving one’s heart health. It also challenges one to go beyond one’s mental limitations. Jump ropes come in different varieties. So, ensure you buy the one that is most suitable for you in terms of length and flexibility.


goblet squat
Another superb workout equipment for your home gym is the kettlebell. They come quite handy and can easily be maintained. Swinging the kettlebells adds a vibe to your cardio and helps to improve your arm strength. There are affordable and adjustable kettlebells (starts from 8lbs and can be increased to 40lbs) from Bowflex. You can lay your hands on this for your home gym.


These are good for strength training. It also works effectively for the arm muscles. They can be used for cardio and other forms of workouts. The adjustable Bowflex selectTech 552 dumbbell is recommended for your home gym. They are handy and can be set to challenge you while you exercise. As you get challenged you can increase the dumbbells to test new limits.


Pull-up bar

If you desire to work on your upper body, the pull-up bar is also a must-have for you. It helps you build strength in your chest, abs, shoulder, and arms. The pull-up bar is easy to set up and can be placed at any convenient spot. You have to be determined to use a pull-up bar as it can be quite daunting at the start. So, if you can persist, you’d emerge a champion of the pull-up workout in no time – all it takes is consistency.

A workout bench

You need a bench for your home gym. You can perform a variety of workouts on the bench. For instance, the triceps dips, incline, and decline pushups would require a bench. You need quite strong and sturdy for your exercises. Also if you are pressed for space, consider buying adjustable workout benches. These are easily foldable when you don’t need to use them.



Acquiring a treadmill in your home gym would not turn out to be a bad investment in the short or long run. It’s a piece of fitness equipment that provides some blends of varieties to your workouts. They are best for cardio exercises; they are adjustable i.e. you can run or walk on them at your own pace.

Stationery bikes

This also comes in handy as far as your fitness needs are concerned. They are good for cardio exercises. You don’t have to go for an utterly expensive one as there are quite affordable ones. It’s an investment you won’t regret too.