How to Boost Your Libido Naturally

How to Boost Your Libido Naturally

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There’s just this quest to do better in the next rounds of sexual romps than the previous. There’s this desire to always take your partner to another level of sexual ecstasy. This desire underpins people’s interest to boost their sexual vibrancy, stamina, and agility. It isn’t surprising as “what makes a man is his ability to satisfy his wife’s sexual needs – his ability to make his woman always thirsty for more.”

Sexual expectation can be somewhat high, little wonder why some people resort to the use of aphrodisiacs (sexual enhancing drugs) and other synthetic substances which in the long run pose serious danger to their health.

Now, there are natural ways to go about the business of boosting your libido for an optimal sexual experience.

What’s libido, how does it work?

Simply put, libido refers to your desire or drive towards sex. It entails the totality of your physical, mental, and emotional energy directed towards sex and other sexual related activities. It is largely influenced by testosterone or estrogen level. These are the hormones responsible for the activation of sexual activities in your body. It can also be influenced by psychological factors such as stress and anxiety and lastly, it can be determined by social factors such as unbridled closeness to members of the opposite sex.

When in excess i.e. when libido is too high, it may lead to sexual addiction, where an individual is compelled to satiate excessive sexual demands in order to achieve some kind of satisfaction. If the thirst is not satisfied, such individuals end up with multiple sex partners and this could be morally draining and psychologically devastating. On the flip side, where libido is low, an individual becomes prone to sexual desire disorder where they don’t just feel the desire to engage in any sexual romp. Hence, libido must not be too high neither must it be too low. There should be a balance where your libido doesn’t interfere with your quality of life as there is no standard libido level. However, when your sex drive begins to affect your life negatively, something might be wrong. No need to panic though, just speak to your doctor.

The Natural Approach

Having said that, here are some of the natural approach to boosting your sexual drive. This is healthy, organic and except for cases of abuse, pose no health danger to the body.

  • Eat certain fruits

Fruits are known to contain valuable minerals and vitamins that are good for the body. Some fruits help to increase the blood flow in the body especially to the genital area where they are needed for an erection.  Fruits such as bananas, avocados, and figs have also been identified as containing some aphrodisiac elements which can help stimulate sexual drive safely.

  • Chocolates can do the trick too

Chocolates contain magnesium, calcium, polyphenols, proteins, vitamins, and fiber which are valuable to the body. More importantly, chocolates aid the release of aphrodisiac hormones such as serotonin and phenylethylamine in the body. These hormones function in altering the state of one’s mind to ecstasy.

  • Try some herbs too

Garlic is known to contain allicin which helps to stimulate blood flows. Basil also comes in handy in stimulating the sense. These herbs can be taken to help increase one’s libido.

Another herb that is capable of treating sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressant drugs is Ginkgo Biloba which is a derivative of the Chinese Ginkgo tree.

  • Work on your self-confidence

Sex is more of the mind than the body. The body only carries out what the mind intends.  Hence, you must train your mind to believe in your capabilities. Identify your weakness, don’t let them weigh you down when you want to get laid. Instead, work on transforming those weaknesses into strengths. How you perceive yourself goes a long way in determining how your sexual experience will be.

  • Reduce alcohol intake

If you want your sex drive to be enlarged, you have to jump off the wagon. Too much alcohol ruins one’s ability to perform sexually by affecting one’s erectile function. Hence, the need to reduce its intake or stop taking it at all.

  • Take plenty of water

Water helps the body with all of its functions. The body is over 75% fluid, hence it needs water to sustain its function and perform optimally. By drinking enough water, all your organs are empowered to function effectively. Toxic substances in the body are eliminated and blood flow is increased.

  • Perform Kegel exercise

This exercise is strictly for enhancing sexual capabilities. It will help you to train your pelvic floors to be able to last more during intercourse, hence boosting your drive to want to do more. Do well to sleep well too as not having enough of that keeps your body exhausted hence affecting your sex drive.