How to Improve your Sexual Performance

How to Improve your Sexual Performance

There are numerous ways to maintain a high level of sexual activities in men. Many men seek for ways to boost their sexual performances, so it is not a new thing. It could include searching for methods to make your partner happy or making improvements on existing problems.

There are numerous types of male enhancement pills which are suitable in the market; however, there are also natural ways to ensure that you last longer and firmer without you visiting the pharmacists.

It is important to note that the penis functions closely with blood pressure, also make sure that your circulatory system is performing correctly. Studies have shown that what is right for your heart is likewise excellent and ideal for your sexual health.

Ways you can improve your sexual performance quickly include:

Stay active

Cardiovascular exercises are one of the best and safest methods to improve your health and well-being. Sex is known for getting the rate of your heart up, while cardiovascular exercises can help keep your sexual performances top-notch.

This is possible because regular activities keep your heart in good shape. Engaging in at least thirty minutes of sweat-breaking exercises per day can do great wonders to your sexual performance.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Consumption of some particular types of food can help in increasing your blood flow which would, in turn, improve your sexual performance.

These types of foods include:

Onion and garlic

Although these foods may not be too good for your breath, they are indeed incredible for the circulation of blood in your body.


This particular food that is filled with potassium helps in lowering your blood pressure—a reduced blood pressure aids in boosting your sexual performance and health.

Chillies and peppers

Every type of natural spicy food helps the flow of blood in your body by reducing inflammation and hypertension.

Eat these meats and other foods

There is some specific type of foods which also assists in boosting your sexual performance and health. Examples of these foods include:

Omega-3 fatty acids

This particular fat aids in the proper circulation of blood in your body. You can see it in foods like avocado, salmon, olive oil and tuna.

boiled eggsEggs

Eggs assists greatly in balancing hormone levels; it also reduces stress that aids in erectile dysfunction. Berry is a fantastic type of food that can perform all this function because it contains vitamin B.

Vitamin B-1

This vitamin is superb when it comes to improving the flow of blood in your body because it signals your nervous system to move and act quicker.

These signals also include the messages from your brain to your genitals. Foods that contain vitamin B-1 include pork, kidney beans and peanut.

Reduce stress

Stress is hazardous to your health, and it affects it negatively, including your sex drive.  When you are stressed out, your body produces a chemical known as cortisol. Excess cortisol in your body leads to a lower level of testosterone in your body which would, in turn, reduce your sexual performance.

Stress negatively increases your heart rate and your blood pressure. And these two factors are dangerous for your overall sexual performance and desire. If you go through psychological stress, it is also a factor that can limit you from achieving or maintaining an erection.

Exercise has been a proven way to improve your health and reduce stress drastically. You can also let your partner know about your stress issues, and this would help in strengthening your relationship and relieving you of any pressure at the same time.

Stress can also cause you to develop bad habits like alcohol consumption, smoking, which are harmful to your health and sexual performance.

Kick bad habits

There are some habits such as smoking and alcohol consumptions which you engage in to unwind yourself that are dangerous for your health. These habits only cause more harm than good, and they affect your sexual performance negatively.

Studies have shown that the consumption of a little glass of red wine is good for circulation; however, excess consumption of alcohol has adverse effects. Stimulants have been closely associated with impotence because they narrow blood vessels.

One of the best ways to improve your health and sexual performance is by quitting smoking. By replacing your bad habits like smoking and drinking with good habits such as eating well and exercising, your sexual performance would improve your well-being likewise.

Get some sun

Melatonin is the hormone that helps us sleep while quieting our sexual desires. Getting the required amount of sunlight is sure to reduce the production of melatonin in your body, and a reduced level of melatonin means you are likely to experience more sexual urges.

Going outside and receiving some sunlight can awaken your sexual desires, especially during the wintertime, when your body is most likely to produce excess melatonin.


There are specific herbs which aid in improving your sexual performance. These herbs include:


This particular short plant is known to be very useful when it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


This small tree is known to be aphrodisiac. It is very efficient in treating erectile dysfunction also.


This fruit plant also called goji berry, is used to increase your testosterone levels and reduce erectile dysfunction in men.

Ginkgo biloba

This particular Chinese extract is known for its improvement in brain and energy power.


This shrub has been studied to improve your sexual performance and libido by regulating your sex hormones.


This plant is known to boost your stamina and sexual urges.


This Peruvian plant is known to be a superb sex drive enhancer.

Masturbate to improve longevity

You need to practice well if you do not last long in bed as you wish. Sex is the most common way of exercising; however, you can practice through masturbation. Masturbation aids immensely in improving your longevity.

Be sure to take the time while you masturbate last because rushing through it has adverse effects. If you rush while you masturbate, you are likely not to last long while having sex, meaning a poor sexual performance.

Pay attention to your partner

sweet coupleSex is not a one-way route. You must pay attention to your partners’ desires because this makes sex more pleasurable for them and at times, can turn you on or slow you down.

Communicating before having sex about this can aid in easing any form of awkwardness that might erupt during sex.

Focusing on your partner while you are alternating your pace can make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Get more help if you need it

If you have any diagnosed condition like Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction, you may urgently need medical assistance.

Make sure you tell your doctor how you feel so he could suggest a solution to help improve your sexual performance.

Other tricks and tips

Eating well, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle are all superb ways to increase your sexual performance, but that is not all.

Other ways to improve your sexual performance include:

Limit intake of alcohol before sex. It is well known that alcohol has different effects on each person.  However, the consumption of alcohol before sex is likely to reduce your sexual urge and desire, which would, in turn, decrease your sexual performance.

Foreplay is essential and vital. Before getting into the main action, stoking the flames with a bit of foreplay is very important for a pleasurable sex experience.

Lubrication before sex is essential. By reducing the friction, lube makes sex more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Be present. Do well not to rush your sexual activities with your partner and enjoy every moment as you savour the period of pleasure.

Explore more than only the genitals. If you mainly focus on the genitals, it is most likely that you would orgasm quickly and you do not want that. Instead, take it easy while you explore your partner and build up your sexual urge or desire.

Alternate between passive and active roles during sex. If you switch roles between you and your partner during sex, it would build up your sexual urge and thereby result in long-lasting sex.

Grabbing your penis at the bottom or base can help prevent you from ejaculating prematurely. It would prevent you from climaxing and stop part of your erection.

Application of numb cream to the tip of your penis can help prevent early ejaculation because it reduces the sensation in the penis, thereby making you last longer in bed.


Every man wishes to perform correctly during sex. It is a sign of their ever-ready firm manhood. However, this is not the reality of some men. There are some factors which can prompt you into performing poorly during sex.

Factors like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels and depression cause poor sexual performance. You can treat your low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction through some tested and trust source of testosterone boosters.

There are various ways to improve your sexual performance directly like exercising regularly but moderately and living a healthy lifestyle.