Novice Crossfit workouts

Novice Crossfit workouts

Crossfit is a training philosophy that consists of varied, high-intensity functional movements that train people and help them improve their cardiovas

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Crossfit is a training philosophy that consists of varied, high-intensity functional movements that train people and help them improve their cardiovascular fitness and physical well-being in an encouraging and accepting environment that can also be hardcore. So this is a workout that builds your conditioning and strength by utilizing immensely challenging and varied workouts. Every new day, you train a different part of your conditioning or strength with the workout as you are not required to specialize in a single thing. You aim to build a body that can do almost any and everything.

Crossfit workouts are not similar to the workouts you would normally carry out in a commercial gym, and some of the reasons include you not finding any Zumba, weight machines, or ellipticals.

Who can do Crossfit workouts?

Crossfit is designed to be scalable on a universal level, which means it is the ideal application for anyone that is committed, no matter your level of experience. Even when it comes to older adults, the program is not changed, rather the load and intensity are scaled. This means that, whether you are a beginner or not, there is a particular workout that can be mapped out for you.

Instead of providing one workout for elderly individuals and another for hardcore exercisers, one workout is that is fully scalable is designed. For instance, you can reduce the number of reps you have to do when performing a specific exercise, or you can lower the load on a barbell if you cannot lift heavier weights. When you have become more experienced and stronger, you can now take on a different level of the workout.

Benefits of Crossfit workouts

These are the major benefits you can get from doing Crossfit workouts;

Burn calories and manage weight

Research has shown that doing Crossfit workouts may be more effective when it comes to burning calories than other workouts. Studies have shown that a man that weighs about 195 pounds would burn up to 15 calories per minute during a Crossfit circuit. During the recovery period, you might notice that you are still burning calories. When it comes to traditional weightlifting with the use of machines, about 11 calories are lost per minute. If you are looking to lose weight, then it is recommended that you follow up on the Crossfit workout with a healthy diet.

Improve agility, flexibility, and balance

Crossfit workouts usually consist of functional exercises, which are exercises that see you perform similar movements to the ones you do in your everyday life. Overhead presses, kettlebell swings, and squats are all examples of functional movements that can boost your flexibility, agility, and balance. These movements would also enhance your quality of life as you get older and make you less susceptible to sustaining injuries.

May improve aerobic fitness

Crossfit has a high-intensity power training that helps to boost VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be used when you are working out. However, more research is still ongoing to fully back up the long term as well as short-term effects of Crossfit on aerobic benefits and physiological changes. Subsequent research is required to know how Crossfit boosts aerobic fitness as compared to other exercises.

May improve physical strength

You would gain muscle strength and stamina when doing Crossfit workouts because of the high-intensity, multi-joint movements. You can add more stress to your muscles and increase muscle gain by adding extra weight to your workouts. Try to challenge your muscles constantly by taking part in the workout of the day, as this adds variety to the muscles worked. The workout of the day, also known as WOD, is an integral part of the Crossfit program. A new series of exercises is always posted each day. The aim is for you to perform as many reps as possible for each exercise in a given time.

The best novice Crossfit workouts

If you are a novice, these are the best Crossfit workouts that are guaranteed to give you maximum benefits.

Kettlebell swingkettlebell-crossfit

For this exercise, you will need a kettlebell. While performing the movement, ensure you keep your knees and do not drive them forward.

  •         Stand tall over the kettlebell and ensure that your chest is up, your back is straight, and your feet are hip-width apart.
  •         Then, squatting down to pick up the kettlebell, and make sure your palms are facing your body.
  •         Then, enter a standing position. While doing this, move the weight into your heels, then push your butt towards the wall at your back while keeping your knees slightly bent.
  •         Swing the kettlebell between your legs as you do this.
  •         Keep swinging the kettlebell forward, ensuring that you raise it to just underneath shoulder height at your front, contracting the hamstrings and glutes.

The clean

It is recommended that you use an empty bar to carry out this exercise if you are a beginner to reduce your risk of injury. You can use a broom if that is too heavy.

  •         Stand tall and keep your feet apart by a distance of hip-width. Ensure that your chest is open, and you keep the weight in your heels throughout the exercise.
  •         Lower down with a squat and grab the bar directly in front of your shins, right above your feet. Your elbows should be facing outwards, and your arms locked. Ensure that your chest is kept fully upright.
  •         Start raising the bar vertically, then pull it a little to your body.
  •         When the bar has passed your knee level, jump and shrug so that the bar is high enough for you to catch it.
  •         Then you squat under it when it reaches maximum height and then places it in a front squat position, allowing it to rest on the front part of your shoulders.

Box jump

One of the purest forms of explosive exercise is the box jump, as research has confirmed. These are the steps to perform the box jump;

  •         With the use of a stable platform or box, stand tall and make sure your toes are pointing outward slightly, and your heels are shoulder-width apart.
  •         Allow your knees to track over your feet as you begin to lower into a squat.
  •         Use your arms for momentum to propel yourself upwards when you have gotten to the bottom of the movement.
  •         Then, land with your two feet on the box at the same time; in a squatting or standing position.
  •         Then you hop or step off.

Pushup with hand release

This is a move that can help you with your pushup form. When you release your hands, you will be able to go all the way down, which would see you reap the maximum benefits of pushups. These are the steps to perform the pushup with hand release;

  •         First, you mount a pushup position
  •         Then, while lowering yourself, release your hands for a moment when your chest comes in contact with the floor.
  •         Then, put your hands on the floor to push up to the initial position.


It is advisable that you do not utilize your knees if you cannot perform the traditional pushup. Recruiting your knees would allow you to build the strength that is required to do the standard pushup. You can instead use a platform to lift your hands off the floor, which doesn’t need as much strength.

  •         Start with your hands placed right underneath your shoulders.
  •         Then start lowering yourself until you get to the floor.
  •         Immediately push up to the initial position when you get to the bottom of the movement.


Burpees are an effective but tough exercise to execute. Also, research has shown that they are excellent when it comes to metabolic conditioning. These are the steps to perform the Burpee exercise;

  •         You should start in a standing position, then lower into a squat.
  •         Get into a pushup position by placing your hands on the floor and kicking your legs back.
  •         Perform a pushup. Then, revert your legs to a squat position.
  •         From that position, leap into the air, and then land in a squat position again. Then, repeat the entire movement.

Shoulder press

This is a fundamental move that is good for beginners. It allows you to create a strong overhead position that is ideal for the more advanced Crossfit workouts. These are the steps to perform the shoulder press;

  •         Use a grip that is a bit wider than shoulder-width apart to hold an empty barbell on your shoulders.
  •         Then, start pressing the bar up, directly over your head.
  •         Revert to the initial position and repeat.

Air squat

It is recommended that you keep your feet flat on the floor and initiate the movement at both your knees and hips at the same time.

  •         Ensure your spine is kept in a neutral and braced position. Tighten your core and ensure you do not round or arch your back.
  •         Bend your knees and hips to lower your body; tracking knees should align with the toes.
  •         Keep lowering your hips until they are below the knee level.
  •         Then, revert to a standing position by pushing up through your heels.