What Should My Testosterone Level Be?

What Should My Testosterone Level Be?

The Lowdown on Getting Tested for Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is the type of hormone that is common to all men. It is the vital sex hormone present in men. This hormone is produced in the testes of a man. Women possess testosterone too, but in a smaller quantity than men. Women produce more of a hormone known as estrogen.

Testosterone is essential for the development of the sex organs in men, both inner and outer. It also aids in the sex drive, production of sperm, production of red blood cells, muscle mass, bone density, facial and body hair, broad shoulders and a deepened voice.

Testosterone is a type of hormone that begins to wane with time as men start to get older. This occurrence is natural as a result of ageing. The most common abnormal level testosterone level in men is the low testosterone level. This happens because the level of testosterone in a man is highest at the age of twenty. But from that point onwards, the level of testosterone in his body begins to decline.

A decrease in the level of testosterone in a man is also known as male menopause or hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is known as a condition whereby the testicles of a man are unable to produce enough testosterone.

However, there are various other reasons which could cause a reduction which could cause a reduction in your testosterone levels like injury to the testicles, infection of the testicles, chemotherapy or radiation used to treat cancer, diabetes, tumors, and metabolic disorders like hemochromatosis, abuse of alcohol, HIV/AIDS, Kallman syndrome; this is an abnormality in the hypothalamus, a gland located in the brain responsible for the control of various hormones, obesity or excess weight gain, obstruction in sleeping or sleep apnea, congenital disability, chronic lung or kidney failure and uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.

Low testosterone levels in men can be easily detected through specific symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • A lowered sense of wellbeing and confidence
  • Lack of muscular strength and energy.
  • Lack of energy or fatigue
  • Problems with concentration and memory.
  • Mood swings; depressed or sad mood
  • A lowered hemoglobin and a mild anaemia
  • Infertility
  • Breast development for male(gynecomastia)
  • Loss of hair or male pattern baldness
  • It is thinning of the bone that is susceptible to fractures.

Low testosterone is a natural occurrence in man. However, it can be increased through various ways which include:

Exercise and lift weight

Regular exercises in a usual way while lifting exercises, is a proven way to increase testosterone levels in a man. Research has shown that practice is one of the best ways to treat many lifestyle-related illnesses.  While resistance training like weight lifting is perfect for boosting testosterone levels in man.

High-intensity interval training is a proven way to also boost your testosterone levels, both the long and short term. It is important to note that every type of exercise should not be done excessively but in moderation. Combined with your training regimen, consumption of caffeine and creatine monohydrate is sure to boost your testosterone levels.

balanced foodEat protein, fat, and carbs

The consumption of protein, fat and carbs is a tested way to boost your testosterone levels. However, you must pay rapt attention to your diet regimen as constant dieting and overeating can cause a reduction in your testosterone level.

Minimize your stress and cortisol levels

Studies have always shown the negative effect that stress and cortisol have on your testosterone level. Excess cortisol is produced as a result of stress in your body. Once your body produces too much cortisol, the level of testosterone in your body automatically declines because they both work in a seesaw-like method.

For a healthy lifestyle and an average testosterone level, you should avoid stressful activities that could lead to the production of excess cortisol.

Get some sun or take a vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D is known for its benefits in boosting testosterone levels in men.  To get more vitamin D, you can engage in regular walks under the sun or even purchase vitamin D supplements.Vitamin D3 supplements are known to have a positive effect on older men and people who are lacking blood levels of vitamin D.

Take lots of vitamin and mineral supplements

There are specific minerals, which are known to improve the level of testosterone in a man. Vitamins like zinc, vitamin B, A, C, and E. Zinc and vitamin B are known to boost the production of sperm in man, which means the testosterone level in a man has also been increased.

While vitamin A, C and E are known to play a significant part in your sex function and increase your testosterone levels. Overall, zinc and vitamin D are known to be the best for boosting testosterone levels.

Getting plenty of rest and sleep

Studies have shown that men who get an adequate rate of sleep and rest tend to have high testosterone levels. It is very much advisable for you to get sufficient sleep to have an increase in your testosterone level.

Take some natural boosters

There are various natural boosters that aid in increasing the testosterone level in men. Foods like ginger, pomegranates, oysters, beans and seeds are superb for boosting the testosterone levels in men.

There are various herbal supplements that are ideal in boosting testosterone levels and treating infertility in men and also in women.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid estrogen-like substances

There are numerous other factors that affect the level of testosterone in your body. Having a healthy sex life plays a significant role in the level of testosterone you are to produce.

If you are exposed to too many estrogen-like chemicals like BPA and parabens, you are likely to experience a reduction n in your testosterone levels.

Apart from low testosterone levels, there is another abnormal level of testosterone known as a high level of testosterone. A high level of testosterone occurs when the testes produce excess testosterone in a man.

A high level of testosterone in men is rare and does not happen most times. The problems of high testosterone levels are not common among middle-aged men who are not taking any testosterone treatment.

However, there are few benefits of high testosterone levels in men. They include:

  • High testosterone levels normalize blood pressure
  • High testosterone levels lower the chances of you suffering from heart attacks and excess weight gain or obesity.

However, there are adverse effects of high testosterone levels, just like:

  • Men are likely to consume excess alcohol
  • Men tend to smoke more often
  • They tend to be more aggressive and express high- risk-taking actions.
  • Men tend to sustain more injuries.

The Regular or Average Level of Testosterone in a Man

testosterone testThe level of testosterone that every man is expected to have is an average level of testosterone. Research has shown that the average level of testosterone in a man is 270-1070 ng/dl, with an average of 679. Testosterone is generally at its peak in men at the age of twenty.

Any level of testosterone that is above or higher than the average level of testosterone in a man is said to be abnormal. Your testosterone levels should be between 400-600 ng/dl because studies have shown that this is the healthiest range of testosterone in a man.

Normal testosterone levels are super because it aids in the production of enough sperm, building of body and muscle mass, high bone density, production of red blood cells and a high sex drive.

How Often Should You Have Your Testosterone Levels Checked?

Some researchers have shown that monitoring your testosterone levels after you have passed the age of thirty is a great way to keep your testosterone levels incheck. If you experience a low level of testosterone, it can be easily detected, and testosterone therapy can be administeredimmediately.

Note that once you begin with testosterone therapy, your testosterone levels should be monitored frequently to avoid high testosterone levels from occurring.


Testosterone is the dominant sex hormone in men, and it is responsible for the development of male physical characteristics.  It is known as the male hormone that is produced majorly by men in the testes, although women also produce testosterone but in a much smaller quantity.

Testosterone is responsible for the secondary sex characteristics in men like a deeper voice, hairs on the body and the face, high energy levels and a healthy sex drive. However, the level of testosterone in men begins to decline as they age.

Men experience a peak of production of testosterone at the age of twenty and from the age of thirty; the level of testosterone their body produces begins to decrease. However very few men experience a high level of testosterone and this can lead to the expression of aggressive behaviours.

Low level and high levels of testosterone are regarded as ‘out of balance.’The standard or average level of testosterone is the level of testosterone that every man should have and it enables all sex-related functions and male characteristics to be well functional.

However, if you are experiencing an ‘out of balance’ level of testosterone you can visit your doctor for advice or testosterone therapy.