Are Testosterone Boosters Bad For You?

Are Testosterone Boosters Bad For You?

While searching for testosterone boosters online, have you ever come across warnings from the US Food and Drug Administration about tainted dietary supplements that are touted to boost testosterone or sexual performance?

There’s a horde of so-called testosterone-boosting supplements available, and many of them contain ingredients that pose health risks. In contrast, there are only a select few testosterone boosters that are safe and proven effective.

The key, therefore, is being discerning when buying the right testosterone-boosting supplement.

What are the Different Types of Testosterone Supplements?

When you want to take something to increase your testosterone levels, it’s going to be either synthetic testosterone or a natural testosterone booster.

Synthetic testosterone includes anabolic androgenic steroids and prescription testosterone medications. Usually derived from soy or yams, synthetic testosterone is basically manufactured in a laboratory.

Prescription testosterone medicines, whether in the form of a gel, pill, cream, pellet, patch, or injectable, are also synthetic. They’re sometimes called exogenous testosterone because they’re produced outside the human body.

In contrast, natural testosterone boosters do not introduce exogenous testosterone into your body. Instead, testosterone boosters enhance your body’s ability to produce testosterone or prevent your free testosterone from being converted into other types of hormones.

The difference in synthetic testosterone and natural testosterone boosters may be quite simple, but their effects are totally different.

Synthetic testosterone immediately increases your testosterone levels, while it may take some time before you’ll experience a significant increase in your testosterone levels when you’re taking a testosterone booster.

Are There Risks Associated with Testosterone Therapy?

As with any other medicine, testosterone therapy also has side effects. Some men experience immediate side effects after taking a testosterone pill or injecting testosterone.

man with facial acneKnown side effects of testosterone include acne breakouts, sleep apnea or disturbed breathing during sleep, and gynecomastia or breast enlargement.

Many experts are also concerned that long-term use of synthetic testosterone can increase the risks of prostate cancer and various cardiovascular issues such as stroke and heart attack.

Testosterone therapy is also associated with increased risks of polycythemia or elevated levels of red blood cells, as well as venous thromboembolism. Long-term use of testosterone may also worsen lower urinary tract symptoms.

Do Testosterone Boosters Pose Health Risks?

There were instances when some men needed to be hospitalized after taking testosterone-boosting supplements. This doesn’t mean, however, that all supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels are bad for your health.

In many cases, men who suffered from kidney and liver abnormalities due to usage of testosterone boosters developed the condition because of improper use of the supplement.

Taking twice or thrice the recommended daily dosage of a testosterone booster won’t increase testosterone levels faster. Instead, it can lead to liver or kidney damage.

What Benefits Can You Gain from Natural Testosterone Boosters?

Depending on the natural testosterone booster that you’re taking, you may gain numerous health benefits aside from improved testosterone levels.

UltraCore Power, for instance, is formulated to give you improved cognitive, athletic, and sexual performance aside from increasing your testosterone levels and improving your testosterone retention.

Not only that, but your fertility, mood, and overall health may also improve when you take UltraCore Power. That’s because this amazing supplement package contains several antioxidant-rich natural ingredients that are known to have numerous medicinal properties.

Take a look at these medicinal plants contained in UltraCore Power.

Eurycoma longifolia Long Jack

Containing quassinoids and many other antioxidant compounds, Long Jack improves semen parameters, reduces cortisol levels, and stimulates increased testosterone production. This herb is also excellent for increasing energy levels and improving stamina.

Long Jack is known to help men with erectile dysfunction, especially those who are unable to maintain their erection. With regard to reproductive health, Long Jack has been shown to benefit men with idiopathic infertility.

Long Jack can improve sperm health by increasing sperm motility, improving sperm morphology, and stimulating sperm production.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Not only does Ashwagandha enhance your cognitive function and improve your brain health, but it’s also excellent for improving your mood and reducing stress.

Men under chronic stress tend to have low testosterone levels because the stress hormone cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone.

Ashwagandha is an excellent supplement for treating stress-related sexual performance issues such as low libido and erectile dysfunction. There’s also ample scientific evidence that Ashwagandha can improve male fertility by enhancing both sperm quality and count.

Panax ginseng

Known to improve athletic endurance and increase stamina, Panax ginseng also helps improve memory and concentration. Panax ginseng contains ginsenosides that are structurally similar to testosterone.


jar of fenugreekNot only is fenugreek popular as a culinary ingredient, but it’s also widely used to improve free testosterone levels.

The inhibitory effects of fenugreek on enzymes that convert testosterone help prevent decreases in free testosterone levels. Fenugreek also has antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and cardioprotective properties.

Rhodiola Rosea

An excellent herb for reducing fatigue and exhaustion, Rhodiola Rosea is also helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.

The herb is very popular as a brain booster, and it’s also used to control diabetes and improve exercise performance. There’s also evidence that Rhodiola rosea can help improve erectile function.

Tribulus terrestris

Great for increasing testosterone levels and enhancing sexual performance, Tribulus terrestris is a medicinal plant that has numerous uses in traditional medicine. It’s used to treat diabetes, reduce blood sugar levels, and to treat various male reproductive and sexual health complaints.

Tribulus terrestris is highly recommended for men who are looking to enhance not only their bedroom performance but also improve their athletic performance. Not only that, but the medicinal plant can also improve sperm parameters and boost erection quality.

The Bottom Line

Taking a testosterone booster is a wise choice when you want to experience a better version of yourself. And there’s no better choice than UltraCore Power, the leading testosterone-boosting supplement that gives you Male UltraCore, Ultra Prime, and Ultra Edge.

No other supplement can match the dramatic improvements in your testosterone levels that only UltraCore Power can give you. Plus, UltraCore Power offers a wide variety of health benefits that you won’t get from any other supplement.