Can Testosterone Pills Increase Size?

Can Testosterone Pills Increase Size?

Do you believe the hype about testosterone supplements? Learn about the myths and facts about testosterone supplements by reading this article.

In the last 30 years, there had been more than 800 different testosterone brands sold in the market, and almost all of these products exaggerated their benefits. The claims these products have on their product range from being a libido aid to a massive 10-inch penis enlargement effect.

Over the years, consumers have learned that the adage “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” applies perfectly for testosterone supplements back in the day. People who bought testosterone supplements were thought to be suckers for believing the hype, and the public trust is at its all-time low for these kinds of products.

We’ve come a long way from the scam products of the 90s. The testosterone supplement industry is now one of the fastest-growing segments in the supplement market, and companies are investing millions in research to develop the next big supplement.

Consumers are now demanding for better products, and companies know there’s money to be made in testosterone supplements.

The testosterone supplement industry has changed a lot over the years, but there’s one thing that’s always tied to the product – penis enlargement.

Supplements are now coming up with clever new ways to explain the science behind their formula, and people desperately want to know, is penis enlargement possible with testosterone supplements?

Penis Enlargement and Testosterone

Testosterone will always be tied to penis enlargement. In middle school, students learn that penile growth is linked to the male hormone, testosterone. Every guy wants to have a bigger erection, and it will always be someone’s fantasy to increase their erection size by just taking some pills.

The truth is, penis enlargement is a lot more complex than that.

Penis enlargement is definitely possible with testosterone supplements, but the science is a lot more complex than what was explained during middle school biology.

During puberty, testosterone is responsible for the development of secondary male characteristics, which include broad shoulders, a deeper voice, muscle gain, and yes – penis size.

Testosterone levels peak during puberty and slowly decrease as men age. Naturally, the penis stops growing at the end of puberty. This means that without testosterone supplements, you’re likely to be stuck with the size you have for the rest of your life.

Now, does this mean that taking testosterone supplements will make your penis bigger?

Yes, and no. Not all testosterone supplements are equipped with ingredients that can increase penis size. About 95% of all testosterone supplements on the market today only focus on increasing testosterone, and research suggests that testosterone enhancement alone is not enough to increase peak erection size.

What affects erection size?

woman is impressedA man’s erection size is controlled by various factors such as testosterone, blood flow, and the elasticity of the penile tissue.

Testosterone is only responsible for one part of the factors – libido. The intensity of your sexual arousal depends largely on your testosterone levels. High testosterone levels would make you more sensitive to sexual stimulus, and this would trigger a chain reaction that would lead to an erection.

Testosterone interacts with the androgenic receptors in the brain to signal your blood vessels to simultaneously contract and expand to focus blood flow to your penis and create an erection. Higher testosterone levels would give you bigger and harder erections, and it’s not the only factor that affects your size.

Blood flow is an important factor that affects your erection size. Poor blood flow would cause weak erections. This means that you can have the most intense libido and still have a small erection.

Poor blood flow is often caused by blockages in the bloodstream such as in individuals with atherosclerosis. Plaque builds up on the inner walls of the arteries, making it difficult for blood to pass through.

Aside from low testosterone, men with cardiovascular health issues may find it difficult to obtain and maintain a full erection. This drastically reduces erection size and hardness. It’s typical for older men to have smaller erections than usual because of the age-related testosterone decline and other cardiovascular health problems.

In the same manner, optimal blood flow not just amplifies erection fullness and hardness, it can also be the catalyst that increases peak erection size.

Vasodilation helps widen the blood vessels to allow a greater volume of blood to pass through. With the aphrodisiac effect of testosterone, vasodilation will lead to a much greater blood volume and pressure in the cavernous spaces of the penis, which will fully engorge and stretch the elastic penile tissue.

Increased testosterone levels will also help improve the elasticity and growth of the penile tissue as it triggers more erections that will greatly enhance the elasticity and size of the penile tissue.

Experts agree that there’s no singular method that makes penis enlargement possible, but in all of the methods that are being studied, taking testosterone supplements and vasodilators is the safest, most practical, and most effective way to increase penis size.

How Testosterone Supplements Can Increase Size

Size enhancement is a complicated process that involves two unrelated processes – testosterone enhancement, and vasodilation. These two processes need the perfect synergy to create the right conditions to increase size.

Male UltraCore is the only testosterone supplement in the industry that is capable of combining vasodilators and testosterone boosters to maximize physical, mental, and sexual performance.

Male UltraCore has a powerful vasodilator complex in VI-PEX, and the most potent testosterone-boosting complex in STEM. VI-PEX and STEM are designed to work together to achieve better physical performance, including size enhancement.

VI-PEX Technology

VI-PEX stands for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. The formula combines the effects of nitric oxide boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors to maximize the volume of blood that flows through the cavernous spaces in the penis.

The vasodilation effect of VI-PEX is so intense that it has the capacity to stretch the elastic penile tissue to its limit, and with the help of STEM, VI-PEX can even induce penile growth for much bigger erections.

S.T.E.M. Technology

S.T.E.M. stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method, the industry’s gold standard in testosterone enhancement technology. STEM engages the major pathways involved in increasing testosterone levels, giving the user a more robust and sustainable testosterone enhancement experience.

Testosterone enhancement at this level greatly intensifies a man’s libido, leading to more robust erections. Increased testosterone levels not just improve erection size and hardness; it also increases libido, which leads to more frequent erections.

Increased erection frequency relaxes the elastic penile tissue, allowing it to easily expand to its limit, and increase in size over time.

Can ALL testosterone supplements increase size?

Testosterone supplements are formulated differently, and you cannot expect the same results from two different products. It’s also important to note that Male UltraCore has a much higher dosage than the average male enhancement supplement.

Male UltraCore packs a whopping 2800mg per dose, which is roughly 3-4 times more than your average male enhancement supplement.

Hundreds of testosterone supplements claim to have the ability to increase size, but none have the same dosage, ingredients, and potency as Male UltraCore. Male UltraCore is the only supplement in the industry equipped with VI-PEX and S.T.E.M. Technology, which is verified to increase size and performance.

What else can I do to increase size?

In addition to using Male UltraCore to increase size, you can also perform simple stretching exercises to help loosen penile tissue. Here are some penile exercises that can help improve your erection size:


checking the goodsJelqing is a portmanteau of the words “jerk” as to jerk-off (masturbate), and “milking”, as to milking from a cow’s teats. To jelq, you start from a mildly erect penis, and you firmly grab the base of the shaft with your thumb and your index finger.

As you hold on to the base, slowly massage your way towards the Glans or the head of the penis. Keep a firm grasp as you move your fingers through the shaft and release your hold once you’ve reached the tip.

Repeat the same motion for 5 to 10 minutes, and do one set in the morning, and another set at night. It may help if you use lotion or lubricant to make it easier for your fingers to glide through the shaft, and also to prevent skin irritation due to the friction of the repetitive motion.

Compression Exercises

Compression exercises are intended to increase your erection girth by stretching the middle section of the shaft. To perform a compression exercise, you must first firmly grab the base of the shaft with your thumb and index finger in one hand. Next, you will need to clamp the base of the glans with your thumb and finger from your other hand.

Once you have firmly gripped the two edges, move your hands closer to each other to compress the shaft. In theory, this will cause the midsection of the shaft to bulge and force the elastic penile tissue to expand outward.

Kegel Exercises

In men, kegel exercises have shown to affect the erection angle, size, and firmness as it strengthens the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. This muscle directs the angle of your erections, and it also helps improve blood flow, leading to a more robust erection.

To start your kegel exercise, you must first locate and isolate your PC muscles. These are the same muscles that you engage when you try to stop the flow of urine. Once isolated, try to contract your PC muscles for as long as you can before releasing them.

Typically, a person can contract the PC muscles for about 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise as frequently as you can.


The body’s natural testosterone production can only influence penis growth up to puberty. Testosterone supplements can help improve your erection size and hardness as long as you have the right ingredients and formula.

Just like testosterone enhancement, penis enlargement is a complex process, and it would be smart to go with a supplement product that is guaranteed to provide the best results.