Dangers of Small Testicles

Dangers of Small Testicles

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The testicles in men vary in size and shape. It is usual for a particular testicle to be bigger than the other and for one of your testicle to be higher than the testicle. As a result of this, there are numerous methods to know the size of a man’s testicles.

People with small testicles are often worried about their size; however, it is barely an issue in men. Rather than constantly comparing one’s testicles with others, a man should notice if his testicles have changed after some periods.

Having testicles that suddenly become larger or smaller could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

There are various factors which can lead to small testes in men, and they include:

Low testosterone

Studies have shown that the size and mass of your testicles are closely associated with your testosterone levels. Most people who have lowered testosterone levels normally possess average-sized testicles, so you must look at other types of symptoms of low testosterone levels and basically not testicles size.

Symptoms of having lowered testosterone hormonal levels include:

  • Low desire for sex or libido
  • Difficulty with achieving or maintaining an erection; a condition known as erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Irritability and regular changes in mod and behavior
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Loss of body muscle mass


A varicocele is known as the abnormal swelling of your veins in the scrotum of a man. While some of the varicocele symptoms are closely linked with pain, others are not associated with pain. Some individuals who have varicocele usually have issues with fertility.

Research has shown that about half the percentages of men with varicocele are infertile. Persons with varicocele may begin to notice shrinkage in their testicles, or one testicle becomes smaller as compared to the other.

They might also experience severe aching deep down in the scrotum of a man. Few surgeries could be used as a treatment for varicocele, and in most cases, the size of the testicles returns to its standard size.

Congenital disorders

Congenital disorders are known as illnesses or condition that is developed right at birth. Some particular congenital disorders result in small testicles in men.

klinefelter syndromeAn example of this condition is Klinefelter syndrome, which makes one testicle to be taller and more developed than usual and have shrinked testicles which tends to secrete low amounts of testosterone.

Majority of the individuals who have Klinefelter syndrome are usually infertile. It also affects the development of the brain negatively. Children who have this syndrome typically have poor behavioral skills challenging to learn.

At the age of puberty, boys who have this condition start to develop breasts. This condition can be easily detected early in a child. However, some individuals might not be aware that they developed Klinefelter syndrome.

Testicular atrophy

Testicular atrophy occurs when the testicles of a man shrink; several other conditions can also lead to testicular atrophy.

A common cause of testicular atrophy is a surgery conducted to improve an inguinal hernia; however, it is a rare condition. Men who have regular issues of inguinal hernia are liable to develop testicular atrophy over time.

Other causes of testicular hernia include:

  • Aging
  • Infections such as mumps
  • Alcohol-induced cirrhosis
  • Infections like syphilis and HIV.


Research has closely linked the size of a man’s testicles with infertility. The amount of sperm and its movement tend to reduce as the size of the testicle reduces.

Men who have fertility issues should speak with their doctor on conducting a sperm quality test. Your doctor might carry out blood tests to figure out your hormonal levels.


After testicular torsion and you notice that your testicles have reduced in size. If you notice that your testicles become suddenly smaller, you must see your doctor immediately. It is quite challenging to differentiate the sign of testicular cancer from that of regular disease.

Symptoms of testicular cancer include:

  • A bump on the testicles
  • Enlargement of breast
  • Enlargement of your testicles
  • An ache in the abdomen or back
  • Having shortage of breath
  • A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum or testicles

Various risk factors present for testicular cancer are:

Having an undescended testicle (cryptorchidism)

Men who have undescended testes or cryptorchidism are liable to develop cancer of the testicles than those who have testicles that are descended.

History of one’s family

Having a relative who has testicular cancer increases your chances of developing testicular cancer than people who do not have a relative with the history of testicular cancer.


People diagnosed with HIV, most notably those who have the stage 3 HIV, have an increased possibility of having testicular cancer.

Former diagnosis of testicular cancer

About half the percentage of people who have been formally diagnosed with having testicular cancer in a particular testicle are very much liable to have testicular cancer in the other testicle a man.

Race and ethnicity

Asian Americans and Black are less liable to develop cancer of the testicles than white males.


It is well known that testicular cancer can affect men of all ages, but older men are more liable to develop testicular cancer than younger men. Most occurred cases of testicular cancers happen in the ages of twenty and thirty-four years.

Does testicle size affect testosterone and fertility?

The testicles perform two primary jobs, which are:

  • The production of sperm for reproduction
  • Secretion of the primary male sex hormone known as testosterone is responsible for developing male characteristics and libido.

Since testosterone is formed in the testicles, the smaller your testes, the lower and the testosterone level; however, you might have small testicles but still provide enough testosterone-like someone with large testicles would produce.

Testicles size and heart health

If you have small testicles, it may turn out to be good for the health of your heart. Research has shown that men who have small testicles are less liable to develop cardiovascular diseases than men who have larger testes.

Low testosterone levels are closely associated with high risk or cardiovascular diseases.

Testicle size and sleep

Researchers have looked into the relationship between testicle sizes, and sperm quality, studies have shown that low sperm counts are closely linked to poor sleep. Studies also show that men who had sleep disturbances tend to live unhealthy lives.

For instance, some were frequent smokers, had an excessive alcohol intake, and ate food rich in saturated fat. Lifestyle factors play a significant role in your overall health, including your sexual functioning and testicle size.

When to see your doctor

If you are worried concerning the size of either of your testicle and the symptoms that are closely associated with it, it is essential to visit your doctor as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the size of your testicles, visit your doctor.

consulting his doctorIt is essential to visit your doctor if:

  • You experience shrinkage, pain or swelling in either or both of your testicles.
  • A bump develops in the scrotum
  • Unusual development and growth of breast.
  • Signs or indications of lowered testosterone levels, such as erectile dysfunction or lowered energy level.

What treatments are available for small testicles?

Treatment for infertility

If you have hypogonadism, it is very likely for it to affect your fertility. If that is the case, a few medications can be taken to improve your productivity.

Clomiphene (Clomid) is a well-known orally-taken medication that aids in boosting the hormones needed for pregnancy. It is mostly used to treat women who have issues with conceiving, it is also used in the treatment of infertile men.

Small testicles can result in a reduction in sperm density. An injection of gonadotropins has also proven to be very useful when it comes to improving sperm motility. Gonadotropins are known as hormones which stimulate the activities in your testicles.

Testosterone replacement therapy aids by providing:

  • Total energy
  • Libido
  • Body muscle mass.

It also contributes to a better mental look. Note that it is essential to note that an authorized doctor should do the administration of testosterone replacement therapy.

Treating varicocele

You might not need the treatment of varicocele or you might need it. However, if enlarged veins directly affect your testicles or fertility, then surgery is required.

Your doctor can seal the enlarged vein and then reroute blood flow into the veins in your scrotum. This procedure can reverse testicular atrophy and increase the production of sperm in a man.

Treatment of undescended testes

When you have a problem of undescended testes, surgical procedures can aid in moving your testes into your scrotum. It is referred to as orchiopexy and is usually carried out before a male’s initial celebration of birth.


Having smaller testicles than the average size is not likely to affect your overall health in various instances. If your small testicles are a result of underlying health issues, you must visit your doctor immediately.

There are various causes of small testicles like low testosterone levels, varicocele, and even congenital disorders.

The dangers of small testicles are low sperm production, high risk of infertility, and even low self-esteem. However, you can improve your testicle size by treating related symptoms like low testosterone levels, varicocele, and infertility.

You can boost your testosterone levels with testosterone boosters from trusted and capable sources. Your doctor is responsible for the administration of this treatment.


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