How to Get Harder Erections

How to Get Harder Erections

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The genitals of a man are known as the most temperamental part of his body, and when you need it to stay hard during sexual activity, it tends to get soft. And then when you eventually achieve an erection, you end up ejaculating too fast.

It also has an inadequate response to alcohol even when you are already in a sexually aroused state. Erections can also occur when you are in the middle of something important like a presentation or something important, and erections can cause embarrassment at times.

Studies have shown that some men are liable to achieve and maintain an erection than others. Although you cannot be very accurate on how your penis would behave, there are some factors which can be put in place to ensure that you achieve harder erections.

These factors include:

Try a cock ring

Cock rings are superb when it comes to achieving and maintaining erections. This O-shaped toy is responsible for keeping your blood in the shaft, exactly where you want it to bee.

This toy fits right on the penis and prevents venous leakage, a type of erectile dysfunction whereby blood circulates to your penis but has difficulties in remaining there.

There are four types of a cock ring, and they can provide aid in maintaining or achieving harder erections. These cock rings include:

Vibrating cock rings

A vibrating cock ring performs similar functions as the regular cock rings. They possess a small piece of vibrator which is attached to the side of the ring that is responsible for the simulation of both the penis of a man and clitoris of a woman.

They rarely come with a rechargeable battery, and most are usually disposable. While some of these vibrating cock rings enable you to recharge the batteries, others require that you dispose of the bullet entirely so that you can attach a new vibrator to the cock ring.

Stretchy rings

These types of rings are usually made with soft silicone material and are mostly made in a closed circle shape. They are perfect for fitting around your penis and under your scrotum because of its stretchy material.

Adjustable rings

Finding the adequate type of penis ring that would fit you perfectly is quite a tedious work. There are types of an adjustable cock ring that come in the form of loos and are ideal for beginners or novice.

This type of cock rings are very comfortable and can be easily adjustable. These are perfect for beginners until they find out the best level of pressure and constriction that suits them best.

Solid rings

These types of rings are mostly made of steel or metal and are not for the use of beginners. They are usually worn around the penis and behind the scrotum. You must opt for the solid cock rings that are your size and use them with caution.

Cock rings perform a variety of functions which include:

Harder and larger erections

cock ringWith a cock ring, erections can be easily achieved and maintained. These results in a turn-on to the couples, thereby making them derive maximum pleasure from their sexual activity.

Longer lasting sex

With a cock ring, there are experiences of new sensation which would in turn delay ejaculation thereby making the sexual duration last longer than usual.

Increased simulation

With the use of cock rings, the penis becomes more sensitive, and this results in an overwhelming feeling, making your sexual activity a more pleasurable one.

Intense orgasm

Because of the excess blood being retained in the penis, the pressure becomes built up, thereby making a male’s orgasm more intense than it usually is.

Erectile dysfunction

Cock rings to aid in curbing erectile dysfunction issues. When cock rings are used with a penis pump, it enables men who have problems with erections to achieve and maintain hard erections.

Work your kegel exercises

The muscles of your pelvic floor play a vital role in your sexual functions. Studies have shown that the contractions of the pelvic muscles aids in the increase of the rigidity and the penis pressure of the penis.

Therefore, kegel exercises which entail that you contract and release your pelvic floor muscles aids in maintaining harder erections.

Watch what you eat

Studies have shown that foods which are bad for the heart are also dangerous to the penis, and this is because the heart and the penis both depend on the proper circulation of blood to function correctly.

Opting for the Mediterranean diet, which includes whole grains, nuts, olive oil, red wine, and vegetables is a great way to achieve and maintain harder erections. Studies have already established that the Mediterranean diet aids in improving your sexual functions.

Hit the gym

Cardio is a proven source for the achievement and maintenance of hard erections. Exercising does not only improve your sexual function but your overall health and bodily functions.

The proper circulation of blood in your body aids in the achievement and maintenance of healthy erections and engaging in aerobics is a perfect way to for blood to circulate properly to your penis and the rest of your body.

Not only does participating in exercises keep you fit, and in good shape, it also builds the body’s nitric oxide, which aids in achieving hard erections.

Activities like running are great for boosting your overall body functioning while exercises like cycling are not favourable to men because it can cause them to develop erectile dysfunction.

Put the cigarettes away

Smoking is known to be a major cause of impotence in men, and studies have shown that it also aids in erectile dysfunction. It also affects your erection strength and size negatively.

Some researches have shown that people who smoke tend to have smaller penises than those who do not smoke. Apart from damaging your blood vessels, smoking also causes grave danger to your penile tissue which can result in a poor performance in your sexual functions.

Have coffee instead of alcohol

It is best if you substitute your alcoholic drinks for coffee. Coffee aids in minimizing the adverse effects which cigarette has on your health and even your penile tissues.

Studies show that men who have a high intake of caffeine are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is known for its negative effect on a man’s overall health and sexual functions.

Get a vasectomy

If you do not plan on having kids anymore, it would be an excellent option to get a vasectomy. Most men tend to worry about getting their partner pregnant during, and this can lead to lessened chances of achieving and maintaining hard erections.

Stay faithful

Remaining faithful to your partner would enable you to achieve and maintain harder erections than cheating. This is because you get a sense of guilt when you are unfaithful and therefore, cannot obtain a firm enough erection.

Get your testosterone levels checked

testosterone testTestosterone is the primary hormone responsible for sexual-related activities in men. With a low testosterone level, men are not liable to achieve firm and hard erections.

Low testosterone directly affects your libido or sex drive, thereby making you lose interest in any sexual activity.

However, lowered testosterone levels can be increased through the use of testosterone boosters. It is vital that you purchase testosterone boosters from tested and trusted suppliers.

Take it easy when you are thrusting

A misplaced thrust is all it takes to disrupt an erection or sensitivity that has been built up. There are also dangers of rupturing your corposa cavernosa with a wrong thrusting. This could take twenty-four hours of surgery to treat.

Be most careful when your partner is on top of you because that is when she is most likely to cause an injury to your penis.

Walk more

Studies have shown that the more you become active, you exercise, stretch and grow healthier, the better it is for your overall health and obtaining a firm and hard erection.

Get plenty of sleep

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is suitable for your bodily functions and sexual functions. It aids in reducing your chances of developing erectile dysfunction.

In most men, there is an occurrence of three to four hours erection while they sleep; these erections occur to recharge your penis and keep it well-nourished with enough oxygenated blood.

Eating a balanced diet

There are some specific kinds of foods which are recommended for achieving hard erections. These foods include:


These shellfish are rich in zinc and vitamin B6, which are both great for boosting testosterone levels and achieving harder erections.


Spice up your diet with some chillies. These are great when it comes to circulating blood to all parts of your body, including your penis causing you to achieve harder erections.

Other foods which are high in helping you achieve hard and firm erections include bananas, pork, salmon, cherries, onions, wine and porridge.


There are certain factors which are put in place before a man can achieve healthy and firm erections. He has to have a normal and healthy testosterone level, cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Achieving hard erections can be feasible through cock rings, living a healthy lifestyle, engaging in aerobic exercises and cardio and staying faithful to your partner.