Mastering Testosterone for Better Sexual Performance

Mastering Testosterone for Better Sexual Performance

We all know that testosterone is the source of a man’s libido and sex drive, but how can you use your knowledge about testosterone to impact your sexual performance?

Knowing about what testosterone does is one thing, and applying it to your life is another. In this article, we’ll talk about how to master your knowledge of testosterone, and how to apply it to improve your sexual performance.

What’s the best time to have sex?

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Does it matter what time you have sex? Of course it does. I bet most of you are thinking that nighttime is the best time to have sex – but it’s not.

Nighttime is the most convenient time to have sex. The darkness gives you a bit of privacy, you’ve done your work, you’ve finished everything you need to do – and the last thing left on your plate is to have sex. It’s convenient, but not the best time to do it. Nighttime sex carries all the stress and fatigue you endured for the day. What you’re left with is the energy that you can spare, and that doesn’t bode well for you and your partner.

Testosterone peaks in the morning, right after you wake up. Your circadian rhythm makes sure that your testosterone levels are at their highest just before the sun rises. The increased testosterone levels even work while you sleep. It activates certain androgen receptors in your brain during REM sleep, which is why you have morning wood when you wake up.

Having sex in the morning affords you all the pleasure you can’t enjoy during nighttime sex. You’re completely refreshed, your testosterone levels are at their peak, you have zero stress, and best of all – your partner is just the same as you. A woman’s sex drive is also at its peak during the morning. Maybe having sex in the morning is how nature intended it, after all.

Fresh sweat is sexy

You may have smelled your soiled clothes and thought – why would any woman think this is sexy? As it turns out, it’s just how nature intended it to be. Pheromones, the odorless chemical that signals your genetic compatibility to the opposite sex, is released through sweat. It’s also the same reason why you think your girlfriend or wife’s clothes or pillow smell good. You’re hardwired to be attracted to that smell.

Testosterone influences the release of pheromones through sweat. The higher your testosterone levels are, the more pheromones you release through your sweat. Of course, not all kinds of sweat smell nice. The pungent, bacteria-laden sweat would never be pleasant to anyone. Try to work out, shower, and make yourself available to your partner, and see how she responds to it.

Take testosterone-boosting supplements

This should be a dead giveaway, but this should silence those who doubt the effectiveness of testosterone boosters.

Taking testosterone boosters essentially increases your testosterone production. Aging drastically affects your testosterone levels, and this has a direct impact on your sexual performance. There would be days that you can’t get it up. Some days you won’t feel like having sex. All of these moments impact your sexual performance. It could even affect your confidence. Testosterone boosters eliminate the age factor to give you the youthful performance you once enjoyed in bed.

Who doesn’t miss how they used to enjoy sex when they were young? Let me clue you in. It’s not the spontaneity or the thrill that made sex feel better when you were young. It’s all because of your testosterone levels. The higher your testosterone levels are, the stronger your libido and sex drive are.

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