Do you want to lose weight at home but do not know how to go about it by yourself? Have you tried on your own but didn’t seem to make headway with your weight loss goal? Or it’s the case that you’ve been dieting but needs to augment it with a specific exercise that will help usher in your dream of weight loss into reality?

Whatever is your condition, this article has been written solely for you. It intends to intimate on the various forms of exercise that you can easily engage in to lose weight.

Here are some of the best weight loss exercises; cheers to your progress in the short run!


Jumping jacks


jump rope exercise

This is one of the essential weight loss exercises you’d find handy in your journey to fitness. It’s a workout process that targets all parts of your body from your upper body to your lower body. it’s also a good form of a cardio workout as it helps you to increase heart performance. jumping jacks can also be used for warm-ups to get the body ready for other intense workouts. Steps to performing jumping jacks include:


Uprightly stand with your legs together and your arm stretched by your sides


Bend knee slightly as you jump into the air


At about shoulder-width length apart, spread your legs as you jump. Also, spread your arms above your head as you jump too


Get back to ground position and repeat


Do several sets


Relax when tired




These form of exercise also work you upper and lower body. it is intended for the entire work body workout. Squats are quite simple to do and they are effective in burning excess fat in the body. It is also used for strength building.  Perform a squat by:


Start with feet hip-width apart


Let your arms be at your side holding dumbbells or clasped in front of your chest


With the weight in hand, sit with your hips back and your knees bents. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor.


Do several sets


Relax when tired


Jogging or walking


These two forms of exercise are aerobic exercises with special consideration for maintaining proper heart health. They are common exercises whose effect on weight loss is enormous. Interestingly, both can be performed on a treadmill. You can set your desired pace for either of the two exercises on the treadmill. Apart from the fact that you get to burn a lot of calories from walking and jogging, you also get to enjoy other benefits which include; development of stronger bone; strength building and improved endurance level; and overall improvement of cardiovascular health.


Jump ropes


This is another effective exercise for weight loss. Research reveals that by merely jumping rope, you can burn up 300 to 500 calories in the body. This makes it an exquisite weight loss exercise. Apart from this, other benefits of jumping ropes include the following; it increases mental and overall coordination; it reduces the risk of injury during exercises; it improves cardiovascular health and strengthens the bone; and so on.


To begin with this exercise, you have to get a jump rope that is durable and comfortable for you. Ensure that the length tallies with your height so that you can be comfortable when skipping.  You can perform this exercise by


Standing upright with ropes in hand


Ensure you are properly balanced on the ground


Begin to swing gently as you jump over the ropes


Kettlebell swing



The kettlebell swing helps to test your resolve when it comes to building upper body strength and burning belly fat. The exercise is intended to work every part of your body as it contributes to your aerobic health too. You can perform a kettlebell swing by


Stand straight on your feet. Slightly widen your feet than your hip


Grasp kettlebell with both hands


Hike the kettlebell backward between your leg


Press hips forward to stand. Then, swing the kettlebell over your head. Allow it to fall between your legs while holding on to it firmly


Repeat several times


Rest when tired


 Mountain climber


This exercise also aims at working your whole body to burn excess calories. Perform the mountain climber exercise by lying in a plank position on the floor.


Plant your hands firmly on the ground.


Move your knee towards your chest. Don’t raise your hips


Alternate your legs as if trying to truly climb on something


Repeat several times


Rest when tired