8 Crucial Roles Testosterone Plays in the Male Body

8 Crucial Roles Testosterone Plays in the Male Body

Testosterone, a male sex hormone, plays a crucial role in men’s sexuality, reproduction, muscle mass, and bone density. The male’s body starts to produce this hormone shortly after almost two months after conception to help with genital formation.

During puberty, testosterone levels start to rise to enable the male body to achieve a deeper voice, develop beard and body hair, promote muscle mass, grow the testicles and penis, and regulate sex drive.

Testosterone Production

Testosterone production is at its peak in the late teens or early 20s but in the 30s, it will start to decline by about one percent each year.

Large amounts of testosterone are produced in the testicles, but other parts also participate in testosterone production, including the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, and the brain.

The Central Nervous System’s Role

The central nervous system is responsible for testosterone production. The hypothalamus, located in the brain, sends signals to the pituitary gland to determine the amount of testosterone needed, the pituitary, in return, relays the information to the testicles.

The central nervous system also works with the muscular system in muscle building. Intense exercise can cause micro-tears, which can be repaired through the recruitment of more muscle fiber. This repair happens through protein synthesis, which requires a significant amount of testosterone for the recovery process.

That’s why exercise is important because it can activate your central nervous system to recruit more muscle fiber, leading to more muscle tears and more protein synthesis to aid in recovery. Without higher testosterone levels to aid with protein synthesis, you won’t be able to gain muscle mass.

Important Functions of Testosterone in the Male Body

Sexual Activity

Like muscles, testosterone will decline when there’s a lack of sexual activity. But the more a man engages in sex, the more his testosterone levels will rise.

Regulate Mood

Aside from the physical changes in the male body that the testosterone works in, this hormone is also responsible for certain intense behaviors in men including aggression, dominance, competitiveness, and self-esteem levels. Testosterone levels not only rise during sexual activity but also during competitive bouts that keep men engaged to do their best.

shaving body hairHair Growth

In puberty years, testosterone enables the male body to grow hair on the different body parts like on the face, armpits, arms, legs, chest, and around the genitals. But once there’s not enough testosterone, the male body may experience hair loss.

Regulate Libido

Testosterone fuels a man’s sex drive. Higher testosterone levels could mean higher sex drive while low testosterone could signify low sex drive. But testosterone levels vary between individuals. On the flip side, testosterone is also affected by other factors like stress, sleep, and sex opportunities. Hence, a low sex drive is not always attributed to low testosterone.

Genital Formation

Testosterone is crucial for genital formation in adolescent boys. It helps them enlarge their penis and testicles and enable for normal masculinization. However, with less testosterone, these boys may encounter genital growth that is less than normal, scanty facial and body hair, as well as not so deep voice.

Muscle Mass

Testosterone is a primary driver of muscle growth. Research found that healthy men who were given anabolic steroids had increased their testosterone levels and able to gain muscle growth and fat loss without exercise. Men with less than normal testosterone levels were also found having a hard time building muscle.

Testosterone aids in muscle building by interacting with the receptors of muscle cells, which intensifies the biochemical signals in muscle tissue, leading to protein synthesis. Muscle building exercises, like weightlifting, enable more testosterone to work for more protein synthesis. The more you exercise, the more you activate your muscle tissue, which leads to muscle gains.

Bone Health

Research shows that there is a strong connection between low testosterone levels and low bone density. And take note, this is not only limited to men aging 50 and above.

Younger males diagnosed with hypogonadism, a condition associated with unusually low testosterone levels, also show low bone density. This makes hypogonadal patients prone to fractures. The good news is the bone mineral density is bound to improve after testosterone replacement therapy and strength training.

Fat Distribution

Another important function of testosterone is to regulate fat distribution. A study published in PLos ONE revealed that men with low testosterone levels stored more fat in their thighs compared to men with normal levels. The researchers posited that testosterone influences the proteins that trap fat. With low testosterone, the protein levels become abnormal.

Men with fat stored in the thighs may not be at risk for heart diseases associated with obesity but the researchers advised they should not be less concerned. This may lead to an imbalance in their fat storage and could lead to unhealthy cells.

Though your body is an amazing mechanism that naturally produces testosterone, you still need to help it maintain normal levels as the production will start to drop at a certain age. Even if you’re a healthy guy, when you hit the 30s you should start becoming more aware of your body’s performance.

As mentioned earlier, storing more fat in thighs than in the abdomen could be a sign of low testosterone as well as a low sex drive that has nothing to do with stress or poor sleep quality.

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