8 things to know about sex before turning 40

8 things to know about sex before turning 40

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There’s always more to know about sex and its intricacies. Knowledge about this central aspect of life shouldn’t be taken with levity. It’s an aspect that determines a lot especially when it comes to managing marriages and relationships. As such, how one copes with the challenges that come with sex depends on the amount of information at one’s disposal. Of course, from the excitements it brings, sex is always an amazing experience. In fact, orgasm after sex is terrific too. But, this is not all to know about it. There’s more than meet the eye. Here are eight things you should know about sex before turning forty.


Sex is transient


You should come to terms with the fact that no matter how exciting sex is, it is transient. The excitement is short-lived and meant for the time being. It disappears like a vapor. Beyond the razzmatazz of the terrific moment and no matter how long you last, sex is transients. That’s how it has been designed to be. This is actually what only a mature mind can relate to. The point is, sex is good but it shouldn’t be what a relationship is hinged upon. Because if it is, such would crash; it’s only a matter of time. Sex should be enjoyed and should not be a rationale for living life or become the focal point of your existence.


It’s not just about how big but how long too


Before turning forty, know that it’s not about big the size of your penis is, what matters is how long you last before you climax. This is one of the many challenges most people go through as far as sex is concerned. Premature ejaculation has negatively affected the vibrant sex life of most men, thereby impacting their self-esteem and causing depression. Sex can turn into your greatest nightmare if you don’t take this aspect very seriously. Lasting long can be facilitated by engaging in activities that help strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. This is known as Kegel exercise. Other things to do to last longer include the use of condoms and the Pause and squeeze method which can be learned during masturbation.


Slow down with the thrust


It’s often disappointing as most guys get out there only to climax in less than two minutes. This is bad for you and quite disturbing for your partner too. Even, this also accounts for why several relationships have come to an abrupt end. So, approaching sex with a better perspective is better than unzipping only to relieve yourself of the fluid you’ve accumulated in a short while. Now, every guy should know that foreplay is important to have the best sexual experience and when it’s time for the real intercourse, be gentle, control your urge to pound, slow down with the thrust.


It’s a thing of the mind

thight rear entry sex position

Sex goes beyond that physical activity of thrusting and untrusting your shaft. It’s psychological too. To enjoy the best sexual experience, your mind must be conditioned to view sex as a positive experience. Even if you’re battling with sexual challenges such as erectile dysfunction which are capable of changing altering your perspective about sex, keep the focus on as it is a thing of the mind.


Take cognizance of the lady


Sex is not just about you. It’s supposed to be between two persons, that is, it is meant to be a give and take process. Know that what works for you might not work for her. So, don’t just go easing up yourself on the lady without putting her desires into consideration. Everyone wants good sex, and everyone likes good sex too. So, let it not just be about your orgasm, treat the lady right too.


Strokes can make you last long


Masturbating has many benefits. One of which is its ability to delay ejaculation. If done before sex, it can make you last longer thus improving sex.  Apart from this, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer and also relieves stress. However, when excess stroking can also lead to bursting even before starting (premature ejaculation).


Pills are a No-No



Before turning forty, you must know that taking sexually enhancing pills before sex has devastating consequences in the long run. Reliance on pills to be sexually active has a lot of side effects some of which include; impotency, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. If you don’t want to rely on sex enhancing pills for the rest of your life, it’s better if you don’t get started with it at all.


Build up the pelvic walls


For the drill to be perfect, you just have to strengthen your pelvic wall muscles. Being able to control these muscles helps to add a lot of spice to your sex life in the long run.