Can Testosterone Make You Bigger?

Can Testosterone Make You Bigger?

Who does not want to get bigger erections?

Every sexually-active male has at least fantasized about having bigger erections. In a lot of ways, wanting to have a bigger penis is like dreaming of winning the lottery; there’s always a chance to make it happen, but most men fail to do the first step to make the dream a reality.

To win the lottery, you’d have to buy a ticket. To get a bigger penis, you’d have to do your research.

Testosterone supplements and penis enlargement have been joined at the hip from the very beginning. In the 90s, when testosterone supplements were first introduced, many companies exaggerated the effects of their product, and claimed that supplements can increase penis size by as much as 6 inches!

Back then, people didn’t have the same level of access to information as we do today, and many customers were duped into buying fake and underperforming testosterone supplements.

For at least a decade after the boom of phony testosterone pills in the 90s, the industry had a stigma that tagged testosterone pills as scam products.

Today, a quick online search about penis enlargement, and you’d see outdated pages telling people to avoid penis enlargement products, but people who dig deeper would see real scientific studies that support real penis enlargement supplements.

Testosterone and penis enlargement

Supplement companies in the 90s were not wrong in saying that testosterone can increase penis size, but the technology and research were not yet available back then to actually create products that would make penis enlargement a reality.

Testosterone is the key hormone that affects penis growth during puberty. During this critical growth stage, testosterone reaches its peak levels.

Testosterone levels begin to decline by the time men reach adulthood, and it will slowly reduce at a rate of 1-2% every year from that point. In theory, a man’s peak erection size during the early stages of adulthood will be the biggest it ever will be during their lifetime.

male enhancement supplementsTaking testosterone supplements may help optimize testosterone levels, but because of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis, the body will only retain the amount of testosterone needed to function optimally.

Testosterone alone will not increase penis size unless you have a condition called hypogonadism, or low testosterone caused by genetic and autoimmune disorders.

Patients with hypogonadism generally have underdeveloped sex organs and taking testosterone supplements, or testosterone replacement therapy can help promote penis growth.

Men with age-related testosterone deficiency may have weaker erections as they get older because of the reduced interaction between testosterone and the androgen receptors in the brain. Testosterone is primarily responsible for the ‘intensity’ of penile tumescence, and having low testosterone may impair a man’s ability to reach a full erection.

The effect of testosterone on penile tumescence is subtle but significant. Some men are unaware that they have weaker erections since the penis may be hard enough to penetrate, but not as engorged and rigid as it should be.

Taking testosterone supplements or testosterone replacement therapy may help enhance the size and hardness for men who have weaker erections caused by testosterone deficiency.

Specialized testosterone supplements that utilize highly-potent testosterone-boosting technology and vasodilators can increase peak erection size over time. The combination of testosterone and vasodilators allow the cavernous spaces in the penis to stretch and reach its peak size during penile tumescence.

Can Male UltraCore increase SIZE?

Male Ultracore’s S.T.E.M. technology uses a combination of testosterone ingredients that increase and sustain high testosterone levels to increase libido and improve erection hardness.

The formula’s testosterone-boosting complex engages in different testosterone-boosting pathways to increase testosterone production and preserve high testosterone levels, while increasing bioavailable testosterone, or “free” testosterone.

Male UltraCore also has VI-PEX technology, which combines the power of nitric oxide boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors to maximize the blood volume and pressure that flows into the cavernous spaces in the penis.

Vasodilation greatly improves erection size and hardness and it eliminates the risk of erectile dysfunction caused by vascular origins.

VI-PEX and STEM Technology

surprised with his packageMale UltraCore developed VI-PEX and STEM technology to greatly enhance the user’s physical, mental, and sexual performance. The combined effect of powerful vasodilators and testosterone-boosting ingredients will create the perfect conditions that lead to an increase in peak erection size.

Optimum testosterone levels promote a better neural response to sexual stimulus. This allows the brain to send signals to the blood vessels to simultaneously contract and dilate to focus blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. This effect gives off a feeling of an ‘intense’ erection, where the penis is fully engorged and erect.

VI-PEX further enhances the intensity by allowing the penile artery to dilate and allow a greater volume of blood to pass through the cavernous spaces in the penis, and push the elastic penile tissue outward to stretch the penis beyond its usual size.

The effect of testosterone on the user’s sex drive promotes an increase in erection frequency, which loosens the elastic penile tissue and promotes tissue growth over time.

The repeating cycle of penile tumescence allows Male UltraCore to produce a realistic and significant growth of penile tissue over time.


Testosterone has a central role in penile growth during puberty, but it cannot promote further growth during adulthood. Testosterone levels reach their peak during the early stages of adulthood, and this essentially limits the penis size under normal circumstances.

Men who have had low testosterone during puberty may benefit from taking testosterone replacement therapy or testosterone supplements to promote further penile growth during adulthood.

Men are likely to experience weaker and smaller erections as they get older because of the declining levels of testosterone. TRT and testosterone supplements such as Male UltraCore will allow men to achieve the optimal testosterone levels that would help restore their normal erection size and hardness.

Testosterone alone would not increase penis size, but highly-specialized testosterone supplements such as Male UltraCore can promote an increase in peak erection size and hardness.

Male Ultracore’s powerful VI-PEX and STEM technology utilizes potent testosterone boosters and vasodilators to produce a significant increase in erection size and hardness.