Does Testosterone Burn Belly Fat?

Does Testosterone Burn Belly Fat?

According to statistics, more than 70% of Americans in the United States are either overweight or obese, and these numbers keep increasing year after year.

In this country, the prevalence of weight issues is more than double the worldwide average. Everyone knows that it’s one of the biggest health concerns for Americans, and it’s not for the lack of awareness that people gain weight.

The cause of weight gain is deeply embedded in the American lifestyle and culture. The abundance of entertainment options would make people inactive, and the advancements in technology make manual labor less challenging for individuals.

The lack of physical activity, combined with poor lifestyle choices, and the abundance of unhealthy food options make it extremely easy for someone to gain weight without even noticing it.

According to the NHANES survey of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), overweight and obesity are more prevalent in men compared to women. The research was not able to determine why men are more likely to be overweight, but we did our own investigation to figure out why.

Why do men struggle with weight?

Many factors lead to weight gain, and we will explore some of the factors that may explain why men are more likely to be overweight.

The most common reason why people gain weight is nutrition. With the abundance of unhealthy foods rich in fat and carbohydrates, one can understand why it’s easy to gain weight – not just for men, but for women as well.

There is a stark difference in how men and women eat, and it’s more about the behavior towards food consumption that makes all the difference.

Women tend to eat in smaller portions than men, and the typical man has a carefree attitude about food consumption. Men aren’t as conscious as to what they eat, and we live in a society that encourages women to eat in moderation to keep their figure in check.

Men are simply less likely to care about what kinds of food they consume, and most men only rely on their satiety to control their food consumption, rather than a conscious control over their diet.

Testosterone and weight loss: can testosterone help burn fat?

belly fatTestosterone products nowadays are wildly popular, and more people are becoming aware of what testosterone can do to the body. Among the many benefits that testosterone can provide is an increase in lean muscle mass and better fat metabolism.

Testosterone is one of the hormones that control muscle growth. It triggers the release of growth hormones to increase muscle growth, and it also interacts with androgen receptors in cells to increase protein synthesis.

Its ability to greatly enhance muscle growth is one of the reasons why athletes take testosterone supplements for better athletic performance. Testosterone can greatly influence the rate and progress of muscle growth, and this could lead to better fat metabolism.

As the body’s muscle mass increases, the more energy it needs to sustain the energy demand of the muscles. The body sources energy through food and most of it is stored in muscles and fatty tissue.

This process greatly improves fat metabolism in men, and further muscle growth could lead to lipolysis, or the breakdown of fats to supply energy to the body.

Diet and exercise do not have an immediate impact on weight loss in men since men gain muscle while burning fat, but the impact on a man’s physique would be more apparent.

A pound of fat may weigh the same as a pound of muscle, but muscles are denser compared to fatty tissue, and fatty tissue is bulkier compared to muscle tissue.

Having optimal testosterone levels, in theory, would have great potential to burn fat. As with any other weight loss methods, the key is to allow the body to be in a caloric deficit to trigger the breakdown of stored fat – and it’s done through simple diet and workouts.

By simply keeping an active lifestyle and watching what you eat, having optimal testosterone levels would help you burn fat and build muscle.

How to burn fat with testosterone supplements

The most practical method to burn fat for men is with regular exercise and testosterone supplements. Regular exercise will increase the body’s energy expenditure, and certain workouts will also help increase muscle growth.

Taking testosterone supplements in conjunction with regular exercise will further impact your weight loss goals by increasing your muscle gain and fat metabolism.

Testosterone levels naturally drop with age, and older men are even more prone to weight gain compared to younger men because of low testosterone levels.

fat loss pillsTaking testosterone supplements regularly can help men regulate and enhance their testosterone levels to prevent weight gain caused by low testosterone.

Overweight and obese men are also found to have increased levels of estrogen. Estrogen encourages the storage of fat in the body. Testosterone supplements that contain aromatase inhibitor ingredients can help reduce estrogen levels in the body to prevent further weight gain.

 According to statistics, overweight and obese men have lower testosterone levels compared to other men of the same age.

Weight gain slows down testosterone production. Taking testosterone supplements alone will not burn fat but taking testosterone supplements while practicing healthy eating habits and working out regularly will exponentially improve your metabolism and make weight loss much easier to achieve.

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There’s no way around diet and exercise when it comes to weight loss, but there’s a shortcut to weight loss that will greatly improve your progress.

Taking testosterone supplements will help you improve your muscle mass and metabolism, which would allow you to burn the stubborn belly fat faster than any weight loss program.

Testosterone supplementation is perhaps the most practical way to boost your weight loss goals. Unlike other methods that temporarily increase your metabolism, testosterone helps you build muscle, which is not just for weight loss, but also for better physical performance.

Taking testosterone supplements daily will not just help you lose weight; it can also help you build the physique you’ve always wanted.