HIIT Workouts that Help Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

HIIT Workouts that Help Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

Engaging in High-Intensity Interval Training has been known to be very useful over the past years.

This training is beneficial when it comes to people who wish to gain muscles and weight physically. It is only applicable to people who would like to heighten their workout routines.

This routine is known to get rid of fat effectively while building your muscle mass. At this point, numerous things can enable you to perform the HIIT workout.

What is it all about?

This HIIT routine is not all about how long you engage in the workout, but how hard you participate in it. It is mainly about extending your body far to its limit for some minutes, instead of engaging in hours of cardio routines.

Amazing facts to note about HIIT exercises are that they are also as good as cardio exercises and sometimes even better. This occurs as a result of an endurance placed on your thresholds.

In total, a complete HIIT routine can be done under thirty minutes. There are, however, some HIIT types, which can be done under four minutes, like the Tabata exercises.

box jumpWhile some individuals engage in boring cardio exercises, individuals who love adventure tend to perform HIIT exercises. It entails brief and intense workouts, which would help burn fat faster than any type of cardio workout, which would take about an hour or more.

This activity usually involves thirty seconds intensity and even thirty seconds rest period. The most exciting part of this workout is that you can include other activities such as cycling, rowing, or also running.

You must be able to extend your body’s limit to the maximum in a short period while recognizing a short period of rest. This HIIT workout can be included in your routine. The various types of HIIT exercises include:

The Bike Sprint

This exercise entails that you pedal for as long and as fast as your body can handle for thirty seconds. As you engage in this exercise, you must endeavor to push your legs more quickly as you progress.

You must set your resistance at a high level before you engage in this exercise. After doing this, you must begin to pedal at a slower rate for a minute. Engage in this exercise for ten to twenty rounds.

Battle Ropes

Making the battle ropes move quickly is sure to make your heartbeat increase immediately. Hold some battle ropes on both your arms and then begin to make waves.

Do these activities for thirty seconds, then observe a minute of rest. Engage in this HIIT workout for ten rounds.

Sled push slam

This workout aids in improving the conditioning of your anaerobic and allows you to get past sprints. These sprints tend to be very intense because a sled is being pushed while you are at it.

To engage in this workout, put about seventy to eighty-five percent of your pushing ability towards your sled.

Start by pushing the sled intensively and as hard as you can until you have reached your limit. Observe a resting period of three minutes. Engage in this HIIT exercises for four to five reps.


There are varieties of benefits that HIIT provides to the body. Apart from modifying your looks, the accurate performance of HIIT routines can cause you to burn excess fat, improve your metabolism, and improve your muscles.

Burning of fat

The hard difference found in an individual’s heart rate between rests and workout periods indicates that the body burns fat quicker than a cardio exercise.

It also elevates the degree of your body’s warmth to insulin while boosting the rate at which your body burns fat and intensifies the activity in your epinephrine and even norepinephrine.

In conclusion, a significant advantage of engaging in HIIT exercises is its ability to burn excess fat due to an intensive workout quickly.

Cardio efficiency

It is not well-known that you do not need to engage in long-lasting cardio workouts to achieve the best results. This particular workout aids in equipping you with routines that are bound to improve the effectiveness of your lungs and even the heart.

It entails that you are provided with excess strength to engage in cardio exercises. As a result of the minimal amount of rest period, your body is forced to recover quickly—this procedure aids in giving you a high degree of stamina.

Muscle power

Engaging in brief and intensive training requires your body to provide quick-twitch fibers of your muscles. Compared to slow-twitching threads of the flesh, quick-twitching fibers tend to be hostile when it involves the building of muscle mass, strength, and growth.

This makes the HIIT exercise a workout routine, which is mainly based on volatile actions. This workout is the best when it comes to the development of slender muscles.


Engaging in HIIT exercises not only burn excess fat in the body but also significantly increases the individual’s metabolism levels. When you engage in HIIT exercises, there is a shortage of oxygen.

As a result, your body tends to balance this deficit by extending your period of recovery by twenty-four hours. This, in turn, leads to a high rate of metabolism in your body.

This exercise is not for those who cannot endure intense activities for a period. However, the benefits of this exercise are worth the pain and sweat.

Tips for best HIIT results

It is important to note that before engaging in HIIT exercises, you must be fully prepared and equipped with knowledge on how to go about the workout.

Many individuals tend to engage in HIIT exercises but do not get the required results. This occurs because they are not performing the workout efficiently as they should.

Below are ways you can effectively engage in HIIT routines to get the best results.

Do not enter overdrive

circuit trainingAs a result of its numerous advantages, few individuals tend to perform this workout excessively. This occurs because other cardio workouts tend to become ineffective.

But while engaging in HIIT workouts, it is essential to note that they have a full effect on the body and need at least forty-eight hours to recover.

If an individual does not observe these forty-eight hours of recovery, it can cause severe damages to the muscles, increase the stress of your metabolism rate, and can eventually lead to Rhabdomyolysis.

So, it is essential that you only perform HIIT workouts in two-to-three days a week. Using this method, you are going to witness great results.

Exercises in a proper ratio

High-intensity workouts are all about pushing your body to its limit, so it is important to note that the threshold at which an individual can reach varies.

For beginners, it might entail them engaging in twenty seconds of intensity workouts and forty seconds of the recovery period. While for advanced individuals, it involves then engaging in 40 seconds of intense exercise and 40 seconds of a recovery period.

It is essential that you find your limit for HIIT workout and not depend on another individual’s limit for your HIIT workouts. Engaging in one and three ratios is bound to produce excellent results.

If you are running, you must use a minute for your overall exercise routine. If you are a beginner, engaging in a twenty seconds exercise and a forty seconds rest period.

Intermediates are to exercise for thirty seconds and observe a thirty seconds break. While professionals should engage in a forty seconds exercise, and keep twenty seconds resting period. Engage in this activity for twenty to thirty minutes.

If you are cycling, it is essential that you engage in a twenty-second exercise and then have a ten-second resting period. You must start this way before heightening your workout to a minute. Engage in this exercise for ten to twenty times.

If you are rowing, begin by rowing to your limit for thirty seconds. After this, observe two minutes resting period. Engage in this activity for five to ten times.

Once you get better at this, gradually increase the number of times you row and reduce your resting period to get the best results.

If you are lifting weights, maintain a low position of the weight as a beginner, and then you begin to intensify the workout by increasing your lifts. Engage in this routine for five to eight times, while observing a minute of rest.

Focus on your recovery

Many at times, many people tend to get cut up in HIIT exercises that they tend to forget the utter importance of resting.

This resting period does not necessarily mean that you stop exercising, but you can engage in light activities like light cycling, slow rowing, relaxed jogging, and even a leisurely walk.


HIIT exercises are known to be very useful when it comes to burning excess fat and gaining muscle mass. There are various HIIT routines, which are sure to give you your desired result, like the regular sprint intervals, the Tabata circuit, and the bike sprint.

It is important to note that when engaging in HIIT exercises, you should not overwork yourself because it can cause chronic muscle damage.