The Perfect Dumbbell Rows

The Perfect Dumbbell Rows

This exercise is well-known for working on the upper part of your body and would, in turn, strengthen your upper back.

This exercise is also excellent when it comes to building muscle mass. In addition to this, it improves your ability to handle activities and the strength of your arms.

How to do the dumbbell row

Right below is displayed a detailed method on how to do this exercise. Later on, there would be other types of dumbbell methods discussed.

Grip and Set the Back

Grasp the weight with your arms while standing straight. Place your hips backward while your hamstrings and gluteus are bent over, just like when performing barbell row and deadlifts.

You must begin with light weights as a beginner so that your hips and back are not overstressed. Your stance is like that of a deadlift or barbell row; however, these stances might differ. Locate the most proper stance and ensure that your back and hip are well placed.


You must place your palms in a rotational position so that the primary emphasis is directly on your biceps and even your back.

Initiate the Row

Using a backset, make sure your elbows are pulled backward-facing your hamstrings in such a way that your forearm is proportionate to the ground.  Make sure that the weight is not pulled vertically; however, you must place your back slightly bent and upwards.


You mustn’t row the weight excessively and upward. Numerous individuals often contract high shoulders to push forward while lifting the bar. Your shoulders must be contracted when pulling heavyweights.

Squeeze the Back

As once you reach the highest point, you must contract your back muscles to get the maximum results. Perform this for every set you engage in. Make sure that a certain amount of weight placed on your back while performing the exercise.


Make sure that when you are performing this exercise, there is no lessening of the intensity. This should occur between every rep

Benefits of the dumbbell row

This exercise is known to be very useful for both novice and professionals. Advantages of engaging in dumbbell row are:

Stronger Grip and Back

bench rowThis exercise is known to be very useful when it comes to strengthening the lower and upper part of your back and even your grip. It is handy for both athletic individuals and non-athletic individuals. It also aids in developing the strength and muscle mass of your biceps.

Improved Posture

Engaging in the dumbbell row aids in improving the strength of your back and your posture as well, it also works on your muscles responsible for the retraction of your shoulders’ blades.

Persons who have developed hunchbacks or a slouching position can perform the dumbbell rows to add more strength and posture to their backs.

Competitive strength lifts

This exercise is well known for working on the arms, back, and even your grips. These muscles are beneficial in providing support for exercises like deadlifts, squats, and even bench pressing.

Dumbbell rows are known to provide support to your backside during heavy lifts. Having backs that are well-built and strong is sure to perform better at lifting weights than having a weak backside.

Dumbbell Row

This is an exercise that places high stress on the tissues of your muscles if done in the right manner.  You must perform this exercise in the right way in your forearms, back, and even your biceps.

Who should engage in the dumbbell rows?

Some individuals are bound to gain immensely from performing dumbbell rows, also with their regular exercise routine.

These individuals include:

Power and strength individuals or athletes

Having a strong back and enough muscle, ass in your back area can enable you to perform some specific type of activity efficiently like pressing activities, pulling, carrying, and squatting. If you plan on reaching these heights, you must engage in dumbbell rows.

  • Powerlifting combined with strongman athletes: Activities like squats and deadlifts depend on your backside’s strength and grip. Engaging in dumbbell rows is sure to increase your posture and muscle mass and provide a stronger foundation.
  • Olympic weight lifting: Engaging in Olympic weight lifting entails that the muscles of your backside would be performing most of the works because of activities like a jerk, squats, snatch, and clean. Engaging in these exercises helps in building the total formation of a solid lifter. However, dumbbell rows help improve the development of your back muscles, firm grip, and muscle mass.

Competitive and fitness athletes

There are tons of benefits that competitive and fitness athletes derive from engaging in dumbbell rows. This exercise is beneficial when it comes to developing an upright posture and strength of the upper and lower part of your back.

Individuals who have issues with performing exercises like pull-ups, endurance, deadlifts, and strength for the upper part of your body.

Sports training and fitness

Back training aids in the improvement of your back strength and posture while developing your muscle mass too. Engaging dumbbell rows are very efficient for individuals who wish to develop a good physique and have access to training equipment.

Dumbbell reps and weight lifting recommendation

The following are reps and weight lifting recommendation row exercises, which are sure to make the dumbbell row exercise very effective and efficient.

You can develop a firm and upright backside using heavyweights after gaining the ability to keep the lower part of your back and your hips in a lowered position.

However, there are some things you can perform differently to develop a strong back if you do not use your hips and lower part of your back for support. This would enable them to use their back as support when lifting bars.

You can use heavy bars while performing dumbbell rows, as long as the lower part of your back is straight.

Variations of dumbbell rows

There is some primary type of variations in dumbbell rows which ensure that you develop strong backs and grip strength.

Dumbbell renegade row

dumbbellsThis is an exercise that is performed in a type of plank method. It aids in increasing the strength and mass of your muscles and your overall body functioning.

The dumbbell renegade row mainly works with the muscles of your abs when it comes to performing this exercise and is used immensely in strengthening your abs and backside.


Start with keeping the dumbbells below your shoulders like in a push-up method. Make sure that your glutes and stomach are well contracted to produce a deep posture.

Next, you take in deep breaths while rowing the dumbbells towards your face area. Do not open your shoulders while rowing the dumbbell towards your face. While rowing the dumbbell, your upper back must remain contracted.

Incline bench dumbbell row

This type of exercise is performed by placing your chest on a bench while rowing the loads. Once you put your body on the bench and start to row the dumbbell, you reduced our chances of getting stressed out or requiring extra muscle strength for support.

This is very supportive of individuals who might participate in this exercise because as they are strengthening their backside, they are also limiting their chances of getting tired quickly.

Dumbbell row alternatives

There are some alternatives to the dumbbell row exercise, which also aid in the proper development and strengthening of the muscles in your upper and lower back.

These exercises include:

Barbell row

This is an exercise whose primary function is strengthening the upper and lower part of the back. This exercise is performed using a bar and can be done in different ways to achieve different results.


Hold the bar in your hands firmly and raise it above the floor while lowering your back and hamstring, keeping them healthy and firm. You must begin with loads that are possible to be lifted using your current weight size.

Maintain a stance which you are comfortable with. Once you have maintained your stance, you can begin to swing the bar towards your chest and place it back to the floor.

Trap bar seal row

This is a type of exercise that has significant effects on the muscles of your back. It does this by placing intensity on your glutes, hamstrings, and even the lower part of your back.

Meadows row

The meadow row is also useful when it comes to the development of back strength and size. It also aids in preventing damages to your muscles and encouraging growth to them instead.


Dumbbells rows are terrific exercises for strengthening the upper and lower part of your back and grip.

There are few variations to the dumbbell rows like incline bench dumbbell row and dumbbell renegade row. There are also alternatives for dumbbell rows like barbell row, trap bar seal row, and meadows row.

It is essential that you visit other health specialists to recommend suitable exercises that would fit in your medical routines. Perform these exercises diligently in order to get the best results.