What Exercise Increases Testosterone Most?

What Exercise Increases Testosterone Most?

Physical activity is strongly linked to increased testosterone levels, but not all exercises are helpful. Did you know that you can actually develop hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency if you exercise too much?

The condition is called exercise-hypogonadal male condition (EHMC), and it’s common among marathon runners and elite endurance-trained athletes.

This means that if you want to raise your testosterone levels, you’ll need to choose your exercise and workout routine with care.

Continue reading to learn more about exercises that can boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Does Exercise Really Boost Testosterone?

Not only does exercise improve your overall health but it also helps raise your testosterone levels naturally. A 2012 study compared the hormone levels and semen parameters of sedentary men versus that of men who were physically active.

The authors noted that the levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and testosterone were much higher in men who were physically active.

In addition, their sperm motility and morphology were also significantly better than that of the sedentary male participants.

An older study compared the testosterone levels and mental reaction time of elderly men who were sedentary and those who exercised regularly.

The results indicated that long-term exercise significantly increased the growth hormone and natural testosterone levels of elderly men, as well as reduced mental reaction time.

In another study involving overweight and obese men, the researchers tried to find out whether exercise or calorie restriction was better for increasing the natural testosterone levels of the participants.

After the 12-week lifestyle modification program, the researchers noted that the participants who were assigned to the high physical activities group experienced a significantly greater increase in testosterone levels.

This indicates that for obese or overweight men, regular exercise may be more effective in boosting testosterone than just diet alone.

Exercises That Are Good for Your Testosterone Levels

Resistance training

resistance training with tireResearch indicates that resistance training is best for immediate increases in testosterone levels, as well as for the long term.

Resistance training that works out several muscle groups at once is really good for boosting testosterone.

According to a previous study, a moderate to high-intensity training or exercise program that’s high in volume with short rest intervals in between and engages a large muscle mass is most likely to produce the greatest increases in testosterone levels.

High-intensity low-volume resistance training, however, may produce only a small increase in testosterone.

Weightlifting is an excellent exercise for boosting testosterone. You can start with just two sets of 3-5 repetitions per set. Make sure to target large muscle groups like your back, chest, and quadriceps.

Work out your calves, shoulders, and calves as well so you can strengthen your entire body.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Between endurance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the latter produces better results when it comes to boosting testosterone.

Even if it’s just treadmill running, you’ll achieve a greater increase in your testosterone levels if you alternate between treadmill sprinting and resting.

A 2012 study actually showed that treadmill running for 45 minutes straight yielded a lesser increase in testosterone as compared to repeated sets of treadmill sprinting for 90 seconds followed by a rest period of 90 seconds.

Older sedentary men aged more than 60 years can also benefit from the testosterone-boosting effects of high-intensity interval training. One study showed that free testosterone levels increased significantly after lifelong sedentary men went through a 6-week HIIT training period.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic or cardio exercises are also good for your testosterone levels, as long as you don’t overexert yourself. Aerobic strength circuits are great for getting your heart rate up, as well as for increasing your testosterone levels.

Although aerobic exercises yield smaller increases in natural testosterone levels as compared to resistance or high-intensity interval training, there’s a compelling reason why you shouldn’t ignore cardio workout routines. They’re actually good for your erectile function.

A recent study highlighted how exercises that target cardiorespiratory fitness can help increase serum testosterone levels and improve erectile function.

Performing aerobic exercises for 3-4 hours per week can lead to significant improvements in serum testosterone levels and erectile function scores.

Exercises That May Lower Testosterone

The intensity and volume of your training program can determine whether you will experience an increase or a decrease in your testosterone levels. Certain types of training have been found to have a negative effect on testosterone levels.

marathon trainingUltra-distance and marathon runners, for instance, run for more than 100 kilometers per week as part of their training.

Although this kind of exercise can result in physiological changes that are generally positive such as reduced fat mass and increased red blood cell count, such training can impose a lot of stress on your body.

The endocrine system is highly sensitive to stress due to training. Overtraining syndrome is a real condition that can adversely affect both your endocrine and reproductive system.

Female endurance athletes may suffer from athletic amenorrhea, while male endurance athletes may develop exercise-hypogonadal male condition.

A recently published study revealed that among 22 men who participated in an Ironman championship race, almost half of them had low testosterone levels while 4 were almost testosterone deficient. After the event, the testosterone levels of the athletes dropped further.

Supplementing with Testosterone Boosters

Although working out has great effects on your body, exercise alone may not be enough to raise your testosterone levels sufficiently. You may be able to achieve more favorable results if you also take natural testosterone boosters.

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