Why Do Men Take Testosterone?

Why Do Men Take Testosterone?

Due to its numerous positive effects on health, testosterone has gained a reputation as an anti-aging wonder drug. However, the numerous benefits of testosterone are not just for aging men.

Young men, even those who are in their prime, can also benefit from testosterone boosters.

There’s a lot of reasons why a man would want to boost his testosterone levels. And it’s not just to enhance their athletic performance or to promote muscle development. Testosterone is essential for brain sharpness, sexual potency, and fertility.

Learn more about why you should take supplements for boosting your testosterone levels.

What Happens to Testosterone as Men Age?

Produced primarily in your testicles, testosterone plays various important functions such as sex drive regulation, fat mass metabolism, and red blood cell production.

Testosterone production actually starts during fetal development. A certain level of testosterone is necessary in order for the sex organs of the fetus to develop normally.

From infancy to prior to adolescence, you don’t need very high levels of testosterone. Levels of the hormone peak during adolescence because that’s when you mature sexually. However, when you hit middle age, testosterone production will already start to decline.

In some men, the age-related testosterone decline is very gradual. However, when the risk factors of hypogonadism are present, your testosterone levels can decline rapidly.

Examples of these risk factors include alcohol and substance abuse, chronic stress, and unhealthy eating habits.

Various medical conditions can also contribute to a rapid decrease in testosterone levels. Diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney and liver disease, and even depression can cause your testosterone levels to drop significantly.

Benefits of Taking Testosterone

Taking testosterone can improve various aspects of your health. Not only will you enjoy a more active sex drive, but your body mass composition and your mood can also improve dramatically.

Here’s how increased testosterone levels can positively affect your overall health.

Hormonal Balance

testosterone chemical structureWhen testosterone levels are low and estrogen levels are abnormally high, men can suffer various problematic symptoms such as gynecomastia.

When you have this condition, your breast tissues become swollen and your breasts will appear enlarged.

In addition, an imbalance between your testosterone and estrogen levels is considered a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Men who have abnormally high estrogen levels tend to find it difficult to achieve or maintain erections.

Taking a testosterone booster will definitely help restore the balance between your sex hormones. As your testosterone levels increase and your estrogen levels normalize, your problems related to high estrogen will gradually disappear.

Physical Appearance

Athletes often take testosterone or supplements that improve testosterone levels. That’s because the hormone helps them grow bigger and stronger muscles.

In contrast, when you’re low on testosterone, you tend to lose lean muscle mass.

Aside from muscle growth, testosterone is also necessary for efficient fat metabolism. Men with hypogonadism are likely to become overweight or obese simply because they don’t have enough testosterone to help them burn fat cells.

This means that when you’re low on testosterone, your body composition can change significantly. On top of that, low testosterone can also cause you to become bald and to lose your facial and body hair.

Taking a testosterone booster may be able to help you improve your body composition and physical appearance.

Reproductive System

Just several weeks after conception, a male fetus already needs sufficient levels of testosterone in order for his male genitals to form properly.

As testosterone levels surge during puberty, a young boy’s reproductive system matures, and his penis and testicles grow. In adult men, testosterone is also extremely important for reproductive health.

Men with hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency tend to suffer from impaired fertility.

Since the Sertoli cells in your testicles need testosterone in order to support the growing spermatozoa, the development of your sperm cells is also affected anytime your testosterone levels go below normal.

Testosterone boosters help address fertility problems. Not only does having high testosterone levels help ensure that your sperm count is high as your growing sperm cells get the nourishment and support they need, but it also helps with your semen volume and other semen parameters.


So many studies on how low testosterone affects sexuality have already been conducted. And yet scientists continue to find new information about how improved testosterone levels can impact a man’s sexual health.

couple standing sexThe most prominent sexual health problems associated with low testosterone levels are loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.

Multiple studies have shown that when hypogonadal men are treated with testosterone, it results in a significantly increased drive for sex and improved erectile function.

In recent years, the research on testosterone and erectile function have focused on the molecular mechanisms by which the hormone affects your ability to get a hard-on.

In the past, it was thought that testosterone only influenced the coordination of sexual stimulation and erection.

Scientists now know that testosterone is also involved in the regulation of penile ganglions or nerve cells. The hormone is also important for the normal functioning of the endothelial cells in the penile corpus cavernosa or the region of erectile tissues inside the penis.

All these studies highlight how important testosterone is for normal erectile functioning. Taking testosterone will not only increase your sexual desire but also enable you to achieve improved erectile function.

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