What Happens If A Man’s Testosterone Is Low?

What Happens If A Man’s Testosterone Is Low?

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Low testosterone spells trouble. The primary male sex hormone plays so many important functions for your overall health that when your testosterone levels decrease, it can cause your quality of life to decline.

Testosterone isn’t just all about your libido or your muscles. It’s also important for your fat metabolism, bone growth, as well as for the formation of new red blood cells.

Not only that, but testosterone is also necessary for mood regulation and for your brain to remain sharp. Learn about the ill effects of low testosterone.

Physical Changes

When your testosterone levels decline significantly, it can lead to various changes in your physical appearance. For instance, it can lead to baldness and loss of facial and body hair.

Because testosterone is involved in both the growth of muscle tissues and the metabolism of fat cells, low testosterone can also result in altered body composition.

When your testosterone levels continue to drop and remain low, it will lead to increased loss of muscle mass.

In addition, you’ll find it more difficult to burn fat, which means you could gain weight as your fat mass increases. Men with very low testosterone levels tend to become overweight or obese because of impaired fat metabolism.

Obesity by itself is already problematic because it leads to various other health conditions. But it becomes more worrisome because it contributes to reduced free testosterone levels.

Among the various physical changes that low testosterone causes, gynecomastia is one that raises a lot of concern. When your testosterone levels are too low and your estrogen levels are too high, it can cause your breast tissues to become swollen and enlarged.

Although gynecomastia isn’t really a serious health issue, coping with it can be difficult.

Psychological Changes

Low testosterone is strongly linked to altered mood in men. Increased irritability is one of the symptoms of low testosterone. Not only that, but low testosterone can also affect your focus and concentration.

In addition, there have been studies that showed how low testosterone can affect memory and spatial ability.

depressed manDepression is another psychological change that often accompanies testosterone deficiency. It’s also closely tied to erectile dysfunction. In fact, depression and erectile dysfunction feed on each other.

Depression worsens erectile dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction worsens depression.

Sexual Changes

As you would expect, low testosterone is often tied to loss of libido or reduced sex drive. Since the hormone is closely involved in sexual desire regulation, low testosterone levels also impact your drive for sex.

In men who have hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction is a prevalent sexual health issue.

Testosterone is involved in the modulation of most aspects of erectile function. Your penile smooth muscles, the nerve cells in your pelvic area, and the endothelial cells of your corpora cavernosa are in part regulated by testosterone-signaling.

The coordination of penile erection with sexual arousal is also regulated by testosterone.

One study revealed that in men under 40 years old, acquired hypogonadotropic hypogonadism due to alcohol and drug abuse is one of the known causes of erectile dysfunction.

In another study involving more than 2,000 men aged 18-40 years old who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, the authors noted that more than 10% of the men had hypogonadism.

Other comorbidities that the authors observed include depression, diabetes, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and hypertension. In addition, the authors noted that men who had a body mass index of more than 28.2 kg/m2 were more than threefold likely to develop low testosterone.

How to Effectively Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Low testosterone has so many ill effects on a man’s health, so it shouldn’t be left untreated. You don’t have to wait until you have hypogonadism and be given a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy before you take steps to raise your testosterone levels.


Obesity and diabetes are both common risk factors of hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction. Fenugreek is an excellent supplement for fighting not only diabetes or obesity but also low testosterone.

Known to inhibit the enzyme aromatase, fenugreek helps prevent testosterone from being converted to estradiol.

Tribulus terrestris

Some people think that Tribulus terrestris is only helpful if you’re trying to build your muscles.

In truth, Tribulus has many other health benefits aside from boosting testosterone production. Not only does it protect you from diabetes, but it has also been proven effective for men with erection and fertility problems.

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA)

When you’re trying to raise your testosterone levels, you need to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of zinc because you need the mineral for testosterone synthesis.

Zinc is also important for male fertility because developing sperm need high concentrations of zinc in their tail and head.


bowl of ashwagandha powderAs an adaptogen, Ashwagandha helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress and promotes hormonal balance.

The stress hormone cortisol, which is usually elevated in people who are chronically stressed, functions as an inhibitor of testosterone production.

This means that the longer your cortisol levels remain high, the more will you suffer from low testosterone production. Thus, by helping control your cortisol levels, Ashwagandha helps you to achieve normal testosterone production.

Long Jack

Eurycoma longifolia Long Jack, commonly called in Southeast Asia as Tongkat Ali, is one of the safest and most potent natural boosters for testosterone production.

The quassinoid antioxidant content of Long Jack extracts help promote better testicular functioning.

That means you get to experience improved testosterone production, as well as increased sperm production. This is also why Long Jack is highly recommended for men who are suffering from fertility issues.

In fact, results of scientific studies indicate that Long Jack is very helpful in treating not only late-onset hypogonadism but also idiopathic infertility.

The Bottom Line 

When your testosterone levels are below normal and remain that way for a long time, you’re bound to suffer several health problems. You can prevent that by taking UltraCore Power.

Containing fenugreek, Tribulus terrestris, zinc magnesium aspartate, Ashwagandha, and Long Jack, UltraCore Power is the only supplement that gives you a triple boost in your testosterone levels.